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Useful Apps to help you expel water off your phone

When having an electronic device, in this case a Smartphone, there are some things to take into account to maintain it working at its best; one of these things is keeping the speakers clean and out of any drop of water.

We might not notice it but phones are constantly exposed to water, even though they are made of materials to give them a waterproof profile, they can still get wet when least expected, causing unnoticed damages to different parts of it, such as the speakers.

To prevent of these unwanted consequences, here you will be finding advice on how to deal with this situation by using different Apps that have been made to fix this problem for you. But, before going on with this, let’s learn briefly a little bit about the importance of it and how helpful it is to be aware of the cleaning it needs.

How does it work and why is it necessary to keep your speakers clean?

Although Smartphones nowadays are created to be waterproof, avoiding water to get in your phone is an indispensable task if you want it to last being in its best conditions.

Due to that, when your phone has been exposed to water, for being submerged or someone accidently dropped an amount of liquid on it, it doesn’t matter how much you dry it with a towel, there will always be a reduced quantity of liquid that will inhibit the ideal performance of your phone and more specifically, of its speakers, because of it, the sound that comes out of it will be distorted and there is where you must implement these methods to help it stay safe.

Helpful Apps to keep your phone speakers working at its best

Now, going on straight to the solutions, if you are an Android user, these are some Apps you could check on Google Play and try them out to solve your current problem. They work with a truly interesting process to expel the water and dirt that the speakers gather through time.

The process goes about reproducing a low frequency bass sound which provokes the speakers to eject more air through vibrations, due to it, the speakers are able to expel liquid and dirt from them, thanks to the air. It is recommendable to do it with your phone put upside down, with the screen faced to a flat surface and turning the volume to its highest level. As you can tell, these apps are true life savers.


Speaker Cleaner

Your phone might have survived a liquid contact and it still works as it always has but, have you paid attention to the sound coming out of its speakers? If it sounds surd, it probably means that there is still some water in it. This app will solve your problem out, you can find it for free on the Google Play App Play Store.

With its process of producing a low-pitched sound, it will take the remaining water out of it. Remember, for it to work properly, do it without the headphones connected.

Frequency Sound Generator

Accidents happen, right? Your phone has probably been exposed to liquid, maybe someone dropped a glass of water on it or it fell on a puddle; if it’s waterproof, perhaps you don’t have to worry about the operation of your phone, you can easily get on your social media and apps perfectly but, maybe your speakers have been too exposed to it and you will have to wait for at least one week for it to recover.

Well, in most cases it would be that way but, with this App called Frequency Sound Generator by Fine Chromatic Tuner, which you can find for free on the Play Store, you will be able to get it done faster and with more efficiency, the recovery time will be reduced noticeably.

It has a control where you can graduate the frequency you want to work with, the ideal one is to turn it to 165 Hz, play it and keep it on for a while, a couple of minutes would be enough and then your speakers will be working correctly again and sooner than expected.

Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix and Boost Sound by LuxdeLux

This App also works with sine wave sounds of predefined frequencies, it is free on the Play Store. It has different cleaning modes to help you remove the water stuck inside the speakers with awesome results.

It counts with three Cleaning Modes: The Auto Cleaning which is an automated process for removing water from the speaker with just one press of the button it tells that the speaker will be fixed in 80 seconds; The Manual Cleaning allows you to do it on your own, manually selecting the exact sound frequency that works better for an specific type of speaker, by using the slider to adjust it; And last but not least, you could choose between using any of these options either for your ear speaker or the loud speaker.

Super Speaker Cleaner

Once again, by the touch of a button, Super Speaker Cleaner can get your speakers fixed. Following the already told method, put your phone screen faced to a flat surface and disconnect the headphones, turn the volume to the maximum and let the fully automated cleaning process begin, with just one touch you will get your speakers sound like they were reborn. Play Store.

Fix My Speakers – Remove Water & Clean Speakers

Between these options, we have for you another one named Fix My Speakers by the hand of SR System. Working with both, a Manual and Automated Method, depending on the one you choose, you will be able to adjust the frequency and the type of sound that will be played on the phone until you stop it, (where you should be careful) or just leaving it to its system which will select automatically the frequency and the sound will be played for a certain amount of time. Follow the steps the description tells and get your phone fixed. Play Store

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