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Update the Play Store is an operation that not so hard to do thanks to basic steps those we’ll share with you in shortly. At the end, it won’t be difficult for you to have the latest Google Play Store version on your Android device.

Anything outdated, will be old soon. It seems to be the premise of Android applications, since they are constantly updating and paving the way for more advanced versions.

In addition, this reality isn’t different to the main application, which is Play Store. This app needs to be updated regularly to obtain the best performance of it. Therefore, this post will tell you everything you need to do to update Play Store for free.


The necessity of update Play Store

We are living in the era of novelty, some philosopher has called it as “the empire of the ephemeral”, and to describe beautifully the feature that characterizes us as a modern society. In addition, in the technological field, that quality can’t be wrong, because everything is constantly updating there.

Despite of the excessive philosophical and poetical meaning of the previous words, these are useful to put our topic into context. The necessity of update the Play Store is a fundamental part of the everyday life of the Android users, which are immersed in the permanent update world: the empire of the ephemeral.

Why should we update the latest version of Google Play?

One of the main features of this application is that it’s constantly being improved by Google, to both integrate new functions and improve its security. With the latest version of the application, we will be able to enjoy the latest news from the most important Android digital store on Earth.

If you don’t have the latest version, you may not be able to access enhanced features. In addition, we think nobody wants to miss the benefits of Android.

The Play Store usually updates automatically, as it is part of the branded application, but these updates do not reach us as fast as we would like. We also think nobody will want to wait days for this to happen, having the possibility to update Google Play on our own.


When to update Android Play Store?

In order to know when to update the Play Store, you have to compare the version you already have on your device with the latest one available.

To verify which version you have to access to the “Settings Menu”, then go to “Applications” and select “Play Store” from the list. By clicking on it, a menu will be displayed with all the information and, at the end of it; you will find a code with the following structure 12.4.19. That number indicates the Android version.

Once you have this information, you have to verify which the latest Play Store update available. We advise you to access the APK Mirror website where you will get a database with all the latest Apps updates. Search for the Play Store App using the search bar and it will appear the latest version of it. If it’s the same version you have on your mobile phone; then don’t worry, otherwise, we recommend you to follow the next section steps.

How to update Play Store for free

Finally, we show you two different cheap ways to update Play Store:

Update with Google Play

It sounds logical, doesn’t it? If the platform to update Android applications is Play Store itself, then you should use Play Store to update Play Store itself. To do this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Access the App.
  2. Search for the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the “Information”icon and select “Play Store Version”.

By doing this, the system will automatically verify if the version of your mobile is the most recent and, if not, it will proceed to perform the update immediately. This is surely the easiest way, but if the Play Store update is very recent, it may not be reflected in the same store. That is why we want to explain you another method that, from our point of view, seems safer and more reliable.

Update Play Store manually

It can be done in a few minutes following these steps:

  1. You need to enable the “Unknown Origins”feature in the security system of your Android to allow the installation of applications coming from pages other than the official ones of the brand. This can be done through the “Settings”
  2. Access to a website to  freedownload the Play Store update, again we recommend you APK Mirror which offers the latest APK file version, guaranteeing a good security.
  3. Once you are on the page, search for the APK Play Store fileand, after verifying the update date, download it and run it. Your system will proceed to install it in a few seconds.
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