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Nintendo Switch already has an Android emulator

In the past few days, a Nintendo Switch emulator has appeared in Play Store, its origins are unknown. It is extremely tentative for people who see it, since they want to play some of its releases. Many of its gamers abstain because, they do not know if it is safe to download it or if it can recreate the games perfectly like on their devices. For this reason, many users prefer not to install it.

The Nintendo Switch console has been considered in many countries as the best Nintendo console, and of course it is, since it is the last console created by the franchise. It has revealed users how amazing it can be when it comes to video games and graphics quality.

The Nintendo Switch emulator is here

In recent days, a Nintendo Switch emulator has appeared and, that promises to be one of the best due to the videos it presents. You can see that it can work perfectly well on our Android devices, since it has a similarity in characteristics that both devices have the Switch and the Android device.

Strangely, it is known that it can only work perfectly well on mobile devices that have Snapdragon in versions 855 and 865. Another characteristic of it is that, the emulator is not open source, which brings doubts about its legality. In addition to that, it does not have a compatible control with which it can be used, so its effectiveness is unknown. As well as, the fact that it cannot emulate many games. Despite this, users download it because it is the only one you can get in Play Store at the moment.

On the Amazon Spain platform you can get the best noise annulling headphones

The Sony WH1000XM3 headphones are the best when it comes to noise cancellation, and best of all, they are at half the price on the Amazon Spain platform.

The sound cancellation system was implemented a couple of years ago, and they are mainly projected for people who travel continuously, since they provide safety to your ears as well as excellent comfort.

Since the day of their introduction, the Sony WH1000XM3 have been highly required because, they are effective and have excellent sound quality. Its original price was 380 euros, but now you can get them at 214 euros, it is a crazy price. Due to this bargain, the amount of purchases has risen exponentially as people do everything to buy them.

So, if you have saved some money and you are looking for quality headphones, Sony WH1000XM3 is the best option for your acquisition.

Google Maps is about to show a dark theme

It is common on most of the applications that Android presents, that they have the ability to change the colors of their themes, it could be whether a light theme or a dark theme. Google Maps had not prepared its theme changes, but it has already been announced that it will soon show it definitively, especially for Android 10 devices.

Google Maps has been of great importance for people, not only to explore but also to use it as a guide on land travel. It shows you all the roads and routes that you can take to access or to get out from any place. this new function, the dark mode, will be one of the favorites for users who want to travel, since now you can use the application at night with its dark mode and reduce the amount of light emitted by the screen on a dark mode.

It should be highlighted that, this function will be available first in Spain and European countries, because, there is where the idea of ​​implementing it was proposed.

where can Google Maps settings be activated?

Many people wonder where to get the Google Maps settings, since many of them explore the application and cannot find a range of options. However, with the new version, which is, its latest update, you can easily access the application settings to apply certain changes.

If you have the latest version of Google Maps, the dark mode option may already be available on it. If that’s the case, you can follow next steps to activate it:

  1. Enter Google Maps application.
  2. Access Settings section.
  3. Position in the Appearance section and enter there.
  4. Select the theme mode you want to use.

With these 4 simple steps, you can easily activate the dark mode of Google Maps definitively.

The new Creative Aurvana Trio, the best headphones for everyday use

The Creative Aurvana Trio headphones are the wireless devices that were introduced very recently; they are characterized by their excellent quality and extremely exceptional battery performance.

There are different types of wireless headphones, the floating ones and those that completely surround your head, but now with this new creation, one more type is added to the list. They are the Aurvana Trio, which are 2 headphones connected by wires.

It must be mentioned that, the sales this device has generated are considerably high, due to the fact That, they present excellent quality and performance.

A quite different design from the usual

We are used to see wireless headphones as 2 floating headphones inside our ears; but now this device combines the retro with the current. This design has caused an impact on technology since many people buy them for its excellent esthetic.

Aurvana headphones features

It is not necessary to say that, they are in excellent condition, but in order to be more specific, we will inform you how incredible they can be.

  • Durability: They are extremely resistant to impacts, something that does not happen in normal headphones, since they can be destroyed internally with an impact.
  • Battery:  the Common wireless headphones need to be stored in their case to get charged, they spend more time charging than they can be used. Unlike this, the Aurvana hearing aids do not need a long charging time. The Aurvana headphones charging mechanism is housed in the place of the neck, thus causing that when the devices have low battery levels the system is activated and begins its process loading.
  • Comfort: They are known to be easy to use and transport hearing aids, but best of all, their design allows them to be used as a kind of necklace, which does not cause any discomfort when transported.

Aurvana Trio Technology

One of the wonderful functions that Aurvana Trio brings to you is the analysis of face and features. It consists on using your device and connecting it with your hearing aids, then, you must enter the camera application and do a face analysis. The devices will capture the reactions and gestures produced when different sounds and volumes are played. With this technology, the Auvana Trio will create a kind of pattern related to the volumes that the device must produce in order to be tolerable.

Comfortable and easy to wear

These devices were created to be worn by users throughout the day. Thousands of people who have used them say that, their pleasant design have allowed the users to wear them throughout the day until they go to bed.

Where can I get them?

You can get Auvana Trio headphones by searching on the Amazon platform or on the Aurvana Trio official website.

The new phone which change color just by pushing a button

Technology progress every day and it shows us how incredible it can get. In this case, the Vivo industry is creating a device that changes color with the push of a button.

Nowadays, there are different mobile phones from different franchises that have a surface that when light is reflected on them, they show some colors in their design; and it is possible on the Huawei and the Samsung Note 10.

In this case, Vivo goes a step higher and brings us something different. It is a device that can change color on its rear glass, this action is activated just by pressing a button.

The date of when the device will be released for sale is still unknown, but different videos and information have already been revealed.  They show and explain the mechanism of action that the device uses to change color.

This change is due to a phenomenon called electrochromic, which has been implemented in different fields, such as: in luxury hotels and other places. This mechanism is not the first one to be shown on mobile devices, due to the fact that, some others that had similar functions had been created previously.

Such is the case of, one which was presented a couple of years ago. It has a function that allowed it to hide its rear cameras by pressing or sliding your finger over a certain area to activate it.

This device is highly expected in the market and hundreds of people are waiting for its arrival to test the wonders of this device. Its launch is believed to be first in countries of Asian and Western origin, since that region was where the device was created; although it is believed that it may be arriving in late 2020 or early 2021.

It will be worth the wait?

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