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The Google Play Store is undermined with copies of Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a multiplayer video game developed by Mediatonic, it  was released primarily to be played on Android devices. However, after a short time of being available on the Play Store download platform, it was withdrawn. Actually, it is completely normal to the platform to be mined by fake applications that try to copy Fall Guys. These applications can be extremely dangerous for your device, because they are full of junk contain.

Fall Guys copy apps

It is not exactly known how many clone applications of Fall Guys there are, since you type their name in the search bar of Play Store and an exaggerated amount of applications appear. There is an estimated of 27 apps, but none of them resemble Fall Guys at all.

Some of them use the same logo, or even part of its name, but do not get confused, none of them is the real one since the original was withdrawn from Play Store.

So don’t trust any app that promises to lead you to an address where you can download it for Android devices!

Where can I get the original?

Currently Fall Guys can only be played on PlayStation 4 or on a computer through Steam. It was announced by the creators of the video game. This means that if you want to enjoy it, you must have a PlayStation 4 console or a computer with Steam. However, there is a method with which you can play it on your Android. In order to do this, you need the Steam Link application; it will allow you to stream the game to your mobile, that way you can play it. It may not be the best way, but then you can play what you always have wanted.

Fall Guys is the most downloaded game!

When compared to other video games that had their release dates before or after this, Fall Guys is the winner. On August 4, the date of its release, the download platforms were notably collapsed, and all this due to big number of desperate fans downloading the game. Compared to the League of Legends video game that also garnered a considerable number of downloads, Fall Guys continues to have higher figures.

By having a very nice gameplay made users download it, and by trying the game created a kind of addiction to it.

What other applications that resemble Fall Guys can I download?

The numbers of games that imitate Fall Guys are extremely considerable, but none of them can match it. However, there are some games that are not copies of it but, still do have a little inspiration in it, they can offer a little more and you can have fun for a few moments. Some of the have the same gameplay as Fall Guys, to perform competitions and overcome obstacles is the best thing, and you can do it all in Play Store.

They are the following:

  1. Fall Dudes 3D: A video game quite similar to Fall Guys in which you must overcome obstacles together with 40 other players who may find, you must remove them from your way and try to reach the goal first.
  2. Totally Reliable Delivery Service: This consists on a delivery man who must deliver various packages at different points on the map. It sounds easy but it is not, since on the way you will run into many obstacles and enemies that will try to get you out of the game.
  3. Milkman Karlson: A quite peculiar game in which you must be a character that has a milkbody. You must overcome obstacles and reach the goal. The limitation that you do not have because you have a body without a skeleton.
  4. Oopstacles: A video game for Android quite similar to Fall Guys. In it you must overcome a series of obstacles that will be more difficult while more levels you go up. Your character will be able to move faster if you make use of the Shout ability, in which you must make sounds through the microphone so, that the character picks up the sound waves and increases his speed considerably.
  5. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale: This is one of the most downloaded unlike the previous ones. It is a cross between Fall Guys and Bomberman. It consists on hiding from your 24 rivals that will try to bombard you and get you out of their way so, they take the victory.

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