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Video games have played a fundamental role throughout the course of recent years; it is because, this mean allows users to be distracted with videos that are controlled by them. Due to the great demand that video games have every year, the technologic industries are forced to renew themselves and to improve their innovations in order to launch them on the market.

There is also that percentage of people who have a certain fanaticism for video games, which already are a couple of years old. Likewise there are those people who want to play some games that are not available for the platforms, consoles or devices that they own. For this reason, systems called emulators have been created. They allow you to recreate the platform you want from your device.

In this opportunity, we will inform you about Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is an emulator that was developed by Tencent corporation with the intention of recreating Android video games from your pc. This emulator focuses more than everything on allowing you to play Android video games instead of emulating the system in general.

We invite you to read this information; so that you can absorb all the knowledge you need to have about Tencent Gaming Buddy. This way, you will know everything you must have and do to be able to install it correctly. You will get the best out of this emulator.

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Previously, this emulator was known by the name Tencent Gaming Buddy, but it was renewed with its constant updates and changed its name to GameLoop. It should be highlighted that, this emulator is only and exclusively for recreating games from different Android franchises, this means that, it does not have the capacity to deliver the functions of a full Android operating system, since it was not created with those intentions.

Despite this, the emulator is one of the most downloaded on different platforms, and this because; it has an excellent quality of service. In addition to the compatibility that this emulator has with most of the Android video games available in Google Play Store, it is extremely varied and amazing.

The best of all is that, this emulator can be easily obtained on any website available on internet and it is completely free. For this reason is that, it has earned a very privileged position among the best Android video game emulators in the history of technology.

Functions that the emulator has

We know that, Tencent Gaming Buddy or rather GameLoop, is an emulator strictly aimed at running Android video games, these are some of the most outstanding functions that the emulator has to make the experience more complete and satisfactory:

  • Settings to prioritize videos and images.
  • Insistent advertises blocker.
  • Increase in the speed with which the video game is played.
  • Strategic save points.

To say that these are all the functions that the emulator has for you, it would not be right.  The right amount of functions exceeds this small list many times.  Simply that we have listed only the ones that seem most important to you, beside we are sure that, they will make you feel good with the emulator.

Requirements that you must have to install Tencent Gaming Buddy

The requirements that this emulator need are not many.  We will give you a list of the requirements which you must have depending on your operating system; either it is Windows or Mac. It should be mentioned that, the requirements shown ahead are requirements as a minimum range, taking into account that, if your computer has more than that, the emulator will work even better.

For Windows:

  • 512 MB of RAM memory.
  • 1 GB of storage available in hard disk.
  • Any video card.
  • Windows XP operating system.
  • Pentium 4 processor.
  • 0 graphics.

For Mac:

  • MAC OS X operating system.
  • 512 MB of RAM memory.
  • 1 GB of storage available in hard disk.

Where can I download Tencent Gaming Buddy?

The internet overflows with hundreds of pages that can offer a service where you can download Tencent Gaming Buddy, but this can be a problem. As expected, there are a great variety of applications which are copies of the original one. These fake apps are mined by hackers or files that can represent a serious consequence for your device, putting your files and personal information on risk because they can access it.

All this is mentioned because; a series of complaints about it has already been heard from users. They have lived this experience and claim that, when downloading the emulator it damages their computers. To avoid this type of inconvenience, we invite you to download the emulator directly from the official page, in which you will be safe and that you will download the correct file. In addition to that, you will get the latest version of it, and depending, of course, on the operating system and the kind of computer that you have.

Click here if you want to go directly to the official Tencent website and download the correct emulator!

Tencent Gaming Buddy has its own download center!

One of the wonderful functions of this emulator is that it has an original download center only available for this platform. Here you can download video games only and exclusively for Android, these games are directed to users of this emulator.

This download center has a mechanism that filters the games that most closely match your preferences; it lists them in the sequence of their release date, from the newest onwards.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android video game simulator that you should try. If you are a fan of games on this platform do not waste any more time and download it now.

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