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What can I do to download apps that have already disappeared from Play Store?  

Google Play Store has been characterized as one of the most used download platforms worldwide.  It is the source of downloads that Android devices have had since they were given their first use. Every year the total amount of downloads that occur in Play Store are extremely very high figures.                               

The number of applications that this platform owns is in the millions.  It also has a wide variety of types, and not only this, Google Play Store possesses other functions for different types of downloads. However, it has been affected by unexpected withdrawals of downloadable applications from the platform, applications that had large amount of download. These absences of applications can be temporary, although in most cases these withdrawals are usually permanent.

We invite you to read this post, so you know which the applications that have disappeared are. You as well can learn what do in case you want to download any of the applications that today are not available on Google Play Store platform.

Apps that have been permanently removed from the Google Play Store

The withdrawals of applications are due to decisions made by their owners. It may be the destination that the application could have. In other words, some of these cases are due to the fact that, they withdraw the app from the platform because, they want to change the availability on the devices to where they can be used. Such is the case of some video game apps that were withdrawn from the Play Store because their creators want them to be played and managed on other devices or even in video game consoles.

The consequences of these withdrawals are the creation of clones of that application, or imitations that generally promise to present a product almost similar to the original. These clones or imitations are only systems with harmful files that can damage the device where they are downloaded. For this reason, we present you some of the applications that have been permanently removed from the platform and there is no way to download it from there:

  1. Retro Olympics: An Olympics game in which you have to press the screen as many times as possible to reach the goal. Its withdrawal was due to the unauthorized licensing of the Olympic Games. It is currently not available on any platform.
  2. TubeMate: An application in which you can download MP3 or MP4 files directly from YouTube, only using the link of the original video. It was withdrawn because it was considered an application that took material without the copy rights. Fortunately, you can download this app in other places or, just by typing its name in Google.
  3. Flappy Bird: It is a video game that at the time of its launch obtained considerable downloads. it consisted of moving the character by tapping on the screen to avoid colliding with the obstacles on the way. The reason for its withdrawal is unknown.
  4. Grooveshark: It is an app that lets you listen to music and watch videos for free, without the need of a stable internet connection. It was permanently removed from the Google Play Store platform due to its displaying, violating the authors copyright. There is currently no way to obtain it again.

There is still an alternative!

If you want to download some of the applications that were removed from the Play Store, this may be of interest for you. There is a way to download them again, although not all of them are fortunate enough to be download, they were uprooted and there is no place to download them.

There are 2 alternatives. The first is by going to Play Store, then look through in your library and check if one of those applications that they removed is still stored in that place. If indeed it is in the library, you can reinstall it one more time and use it again. It must be mentioned that, in all cases you cannot do the same.

On the other hand, there is the second alternative, which consists on going to Google and check for the APK Mirror, UpToDown or Apk Pure platforms. In these places there are large amounts of applications that have not been available in Play Store for a while. In addition to this, you should not worry about your security since these applications are extremely safe to use and download files, guaranteeing that you will not get a junk file.

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