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Fornite doesn’t stop by Google Play Store rules. Learn about the direct payment method

Fornite is an open world game that arrived about 3 years ago. It made its way into the multitude as the most played video game of the year after it being released. Fornite has had innumerable amounts of purchases and downloads, due to the fact that, it is a game which you can buy in all parts of the world. After its official introduction, it took about 2 years to reach Play Store, because Fornite was getting up to date with all the requirements that the platform deserved to be uploaded.

Because all these delays that Google Play Store has caused to Epic Games, the industry has created a methodology that allows you to receive direct payments without the need to go through the commission filters of Play Store. Consequently, it makes the profits of the creators of the game to go higher. This method breaks the regulations of the download platform, which can bring serious consequences for the video game.

The war between Fornite vs. Play Store and App Store begins

At the beginning of each buying, it is established that each purchase the user has made per application, 30% of that goes to Play Store and 30% goes to App Store. This war was going on for several months until, one day Fornite finally collaborated and allowed to charge a commission in order to be available on the download platforms.

However, days after, Fornite made a move and implemented a payment method that goes directly to its owners and avoids all profit that the video game can cause to the large industries of Google Play Store and for the App Store.

It has not happened yet, but the game may be permanently removed from the platforms until it is finally decided to give the commission.

What’s new from Wear Os

A few days ago, Google announced the news that Wear Os will bring to us with its new operating system update. A couple of months ago, it was known that Google is going to introduce the Android Auto system for many vehicles in Spain. Another innovation that Google brings us along with this is Wear Os, which will be available first for smart watches in Spain. We only have to wait for it since we know what novelties it will bring to us.

Better Wear Os performance

A series of systems were created that will make our smart watches faster. It will allow us a better performance and easier use of many other operations.

Mainly, CPU operability was increased by 20% so that opening an application is a matter of seconds. Another of these apps is the improvement of the processor; all this makes the system have a better performance and also the CPU will have a better battery performance.

 More information delivery on the screen

Originally, devices with Wear Os provided information on the screen that was very useful, but now, with this new update, the system seeks to show on the screen the applications that are most useful for users, all of it in order that the use of the device be more prioritized and less laborious.

Everything that Wear Os brings to us is extremely incredible!

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra brings you the best wallpapers you can download

The Xiaomi industry has known how to take advantage of its devices, due to the fact that, they have an excellent quality in their products and their prices are quite accessible for users. The amounts of sales in their devices compared to other brands, has had an exponential increase. All these benefits make Xiaomi work harder, and make them to bring us more innovative devices that provide excellent service and performance.

As expected, this time Xiaomi brings a novelty that many users will like, since it will allow them to apply changes to their wallpapers. These wallpapers are already available to be downloaded from any Android device, regardless of its brand, but it is much better if it is on Xiaomi devices.

In Xiaomi, these can be purchased from the MIUI 12 which brings us its new version dated to May. This innovation brings us a new function called super wallpapers, which shows a very detailed and interactive interface. The new wallpaper change from time to time to remain in kind of a cycle or loop.

Xiaomi 10 Mi Ultra is where you can get the best out of it. Compared to the previous wallpapers, these have an advantage in terms of beauty and quality of reproduction.

If you have a Xiaomi 10 Mi Ultra device, do not waste time and go to download these wallpapers. So, you can fully enjoy the experience of the new wallpapers.

With Google Lens you can solve your mathematics exercises in a step by step way

A new Google Lens function has been implemented to facilitate some mathematics problems for people, all you have to do is just take a simple photo and you will be able to know the wonder of technology.

Lately, The Google Lens App has gone through a lot of updates which show features that will be very useful to its users. In this case, one of these functions is to solve mathematics exercises, such as equations, derivatives and even integrals. Something extremely useful for people who live day to day with mathematics because, they are students or people in the professional development stage.

It is so easy to find the solution. All you have to do is only take a photo of the exercise, and the device will apply a kind of scanner that will analyze it. You will get a quick solution to the exercise; this solution will be in a detailed and simple step by step way.

It is important to mention that, this application will be very useful for students or anyone in the professional field. Therefore, the download figures are very high at the moment so.

If you want to download it directly from Play Store, click here!

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is now available in the Spanish market

It has been announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 5G is now available in the shops of Spain. It has the best operating system and navigation network to offer for you, the 5G network was the best creation in 2020.

After a long fight to implement the 5G network globally, it was finally achieved. We all know the great controversies this caused when it was announced. But what could be better than a network that allows you to navigate and enter web pages in a matter of seconds. Beside, how wonderful and useful this can be for today’s technology.

Imagine one of the best mobile devices of recent years, with unique characteristics that can be very useful in your daily life, all this added to the fact that, the 5G navigation network will have, it is something incredible, the quality of performance that this device has is unique. All these without mentioning the mechanism that allows the device to be folded and used as a tablet.

Previously, a Z Flip model had been presented, but this is more complete and renewed.

The exact date of its arrival on the markets in other countries is not yet known, but it is estimated that by the end of 2020.  It will soon be available in more than 15 different countries.

Features of the new Galaxy Z Flip 5G


-Unfolded: 167 x 73 x 7 mm.

-Folded: 87 x 73 x 17 mm.


-183 gr.


-Android 10 OneUI 2.0.


-Resolution 2636 x 1080 pixels.

-7 inches.

-External 1.06 inch screen.


-256 GB of internal storage.

-8 GB of RAM.


– Front: 10Mpx.

-Rear: 12 Mpx aperture + 12 Mpx autofocus.

-4K recording.

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