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Many of us are used to living with a very marked routine, that is, there are some activities that we preform so many times a day. One of these routines is to use the telephone or a mobile device, which allows us to be connected to internet and, this way, be informed about everything that happens around us. The use of such devices has become “a must” for almost everybody in the entire planet.

There are large numbers of industries that are responsible for manufacturing them; some of these devices are more sold than others. One of these brands or franchises with the most sales are those with Apple, Android, etc. Despite all this, there is still a small percentage of people who cannot manage to own one of these devices for different reasons.

Due to this situation, methods have been created such as creating systems to collect the information that operating systems from other industries deliver on their devices, and deliver them on different equipment. These devices are better known as emulators, or simulators. They allow you to recreate the experience of certain activities.

In this occasion we will let you know about PrimeOS. It is a very useful tool that you can use to give a touch of life to that obsolete device which some of you have in your home. We invite you to continue reading, so that you know in detail and learn everything that this emulator called PrimeOS can offer you, and for the device of use.

What is PrimeOS?

PrimeOS is a system that allows you to give a touch of life to that computer that many of you have at home and is so obsolete that it cannot support Windows 10 or MacOS operating systems. This emulator transforms that computer that you hardly use, into a mobile device with the Android operating system. After this, it will allow you to perform many tasks and activities that users of these devices usually perform.

Some of those functions will permit you to be able to use internet, take photos, use social networks, etc. Despite not being one of the most famous emulators in comparison to others, this emulator generates quite a high amount of download installations per year. All this is because, users say that it is an excellent tool which brings life back to those old devices they have at home and, which they did not use because they are very old.

What requirements does my computer need to have to make this emulator work?

Each of the emulators that are available for download needs certain requirements from the system so that it can work perfectly on our computers. Most of the time, a range of requirements is established as a minimum to be able to work, although the probability that it works better is due to, your computer exceed these requirements, so that it can guarantee a fluid and constant use.

The minimum requirements are:

  • 1 GB of RAM memory.
  • 250 GB of storage available in your hard disk.

How many versions of PrimeOS are there?

Like any other application, every year or a certain period of time they go through update processes which allow them to be renewed more and more. They develop new functions with each update, although there are users who prefer a previous version of it because with that one they have some function that they like and it flows faster.

It should be highlighted that, PrimeOS is not really an emulator as such. It is rather a system that is added to your computer so it fulfills the role of making your computer work as an Android device.

Bellow we will list the versions of PrimeOS that exist now:

  • PrimeOS Classic 32 bit: It is aimed to users with old equipment, its specifications are:
    • Intel Core Gen1.
    • AMD Phenom II X6 1100T.
    • 14 kernel.
    • 1.10 table.
  • PrimeOS Mainline 64 bit: Made for operating systems from 2014 up (Not recommended for Nvidia GPUs), its specifications are:
    • Intel Core Gen5.
    • AMD A8 7410.
    • 19 kernel.
    • 1 table.
  • PrimeOS Standard 64 bit: Specially designed for 2011 operating systems. Its specifications are:
    • Intel Core Gen 2.
    • AMD A8 5550M.
    • 14 kernel.
    • 1.10 table.

Where can I download PrimeOS?

On internet there are many websites that guarantee to download the latest version of PrimeOS that exist at the moment. However, they may be full of junk files or malware, since it was previously detected that there are copies of PrimeOS on the internet. These copies can be extremely risky for your device or computer.

For this reason, we invite you to download it directly from the official website so, that you take any risk for your computer. Just click here and you will go directly to its official source. It is important that you select the operating system that your computer uses, so that you can download the correct one.

In conclusion

If you are one of those people who have an obsolete computer at home, and that it cannot support the operating systems that exist right now, we invite you to download PrimeOS, so that you can make better use of your equipment and do not throw it away.

Nowadays, hundreds of people download it because the quality in operation is excellent. In addition to that, the compatibility that it has with most applications is extremely incredible.

Don’t wait any longer and go download it, so you can see everything that PrimeOS brings to you!

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