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Password Managers: Helpful Apps to keep your personal data safe

Nowadays, surfing through the internet is not the same if you don’t have an account for each social media, e-mail, bank account, among plenty others; due to the programmed algorithms they have, creating an account will give them the  chance to record your interests and guide them to show you the main resources and content you are looking for.

Thus, you will be in need of creating uncountable passwords for each account and you will probably forget a couple of them; or using the same for them all, which is not recommendable because it would leave your whole personal information unsafe for a single decryption. But, there is an alternative for you to keep your passwords safe and feel comfortable and secure with the idea of storing them in some sort of strongbox only you would have access to.

Is it worth it to download these apps?

Just imagine letting your personal information in reach of anyone who gets to know your passwords, in a context where you had to write them down on a piece of paper in case you forgot them and then it suddenly disappears… Your whole data will be out there exposed to whoever has access to that innocent piece of paper.

That is one of the reasons why passwords shouldn’t be that easy to guess, some people use a pattern of names and numbers so they could follow it in case of forgetting something but, in this case, using any of these apps you are about to check, you will get the chance to maintain them secure.

Useful Apps to keep your passwords safe


Available for both iPhone App Store and Android users Play Store. With this app, you will only have to remember one single password, through this, you will be able to save as many passwords as you have for different apps and internet services; getting access to them just by using that one you created when starting to use this App.

Also, it offers you many useful options, there is one called ‘’Password Generator’’, which would help you to change your passwords to make them stronger. Another option is that you will get to lay up in more than a dozen categories different details about your passwords or using it like a to do list, you can take notes on your logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, driver’s licenses number, passports and so on.

Besides giving you the option to highlight the most important and used information with tags and favorites, saving them on a spotlight. It allows you to customize options for you to take the most out of it. Unfortunately, it only has a free trial for thirty days, after that time expires, you will have to pay 4$ monthly.

Keeper Password Manager

Telling you to ‘’Remove the pain from having to remember passwords ever again’’. This App guarantees to you to be the leading secure manager and digital vault. Offering unlimited password storage on all your devices while securely storing private documents. This App clearly is an alternative for you to keep your personal data safe.

It offers you to be provided with a secure and private vault protected by their unmatched Zero-Knowledge security architecture with multiple levels of encryption.

You will have to consider to invest on it. It has different payment packages for you to choose the one that works better for your needs. You can find it on the App Store or the Play Store.


As another Password Manager, you will be able to store your passwords and personal information in a safe vault. It has an integrated option that once you have saved your information and passwords, it will auto-fill your login credentials anytime you get into a web or app.

All you will have to do is to remember the Master Password you will be using to access to your LastPass account, taking into account it will remember all your other passwords for you to keep a safe space for them. It has an encrypted vault where you can securely store personal information such as credit card numbers and health insurance cards and you will be able to apply a multi-factor authentication to secure your password vault by adding a second layer of protection on your own account.

With its free plan it gives you the chance to link unlimited accounts below the one and only Master Password you will be using to access to it. You can get it for free on the App Store or the Play Store.


With its iconic name, from the same creator of the Vpn TunnelBear; It tells you to be the easiest way to create and store strong passwords all across your electronic devices, to be confident enough to know that you will be safe by surfing through the internet and apps. With a single Master Password it allows you unlock your vault, where you could save notes that need an extra layer of security.

Also, because of its automatic log-in features and faster online checkouts, you will be saving time by the press of a button. Illustrating this App for you as a Bear you can trust, it ensures that it meets the highest security standards, working with an AES 256-bit encryptation.

You can find it for free on the App Store and the Play Store. It counts with a plan of thirty days of  their free RememBear Premium; if you like it that much and works for you perfectly, you can choose between their monthly or yearly plans.


Assuring you it is the app that makes the internet easier and that it goes further than just being a password manager. It also has the auto-fill option, filling your passwords, payments and personal details whenever you are creating a new account, across any device you allow it to.

You can store an unlimited number of passwords and access to them anywhere, from any device you have linked it to; syncing your Dashlane information to every device will automatically show you your data, it works on different systems.

Among many other options, you could browse safely and anonymously with their built-in VPN; you could even get to know if your data in on the dark web with their Dark Web Monitoring option and get alerted about the breaches and hacks that affect you data and learn how to take action on it.

Dashlane is designed so that no one, not even the creators of the app can see any of the information you store in it. You can find it on the App Store and the Play Store. The Dashlane account begins with a thirty day free trial and no credit card is required to start.


Another option is this App which is a Password manager and Form Filler. You could access your passwords on all your devices, securing with one tap and login in on all your websites and apps with its auto-fill feature, reducing all your passwords to a single Master Password that only you will know.

It counts with an extra option which is to appoint a trusted contact chosen by you, who can access your data in case of emergency. This App promises you that your data will be protected by a two factor authentication with an AES 256 encryption and that they don’t save or store any kind of information of yours, giving a complete protection.

You can find it on the App Store and Play Store, check out their payment plans.

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