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Emulators of different consoles or video games have been with us for a couple of years, each with a different function from each other, that is, with tools that allow you to perform different tasks at the same time you run a game there are also several of them that allow you to emulate certain games of some consoles in general.

When you are selecting an emulator to download, it is the most complicated moment. since the users are mainly ruled by the video game which they wish to play, or simply by the one that shows them a more extensive variety of options to be played. In this case we will talk about MeMU Play, one of the best and most complete emulators in the world. It has very useful functions in addition to a capacity that allows you to emulate a high quantity of video games in a single emulator.

We invite you to continue reading so that, you can learn everything that the MeMU Play emulator brings to you.


What is MeMU Play?

MeMU is a pc emulator in which you can recreate an Android device from your computer with Windows operating system. It is extremely fast and optimized so you can make your experiences fast. It was created especially for computers with this operating system. It is used mainly to recreate Android games.

It was created for those users who do not have an Android phone or device, with the intention that they could live the experience from their computer.

What do I need to have on my computer to be able to use it?

Some emulators do not require much to be used and, that is the reason why in most cases they do not work well. It does not apply to MeMU Play, because it requires the following list to be used correctly, as well as, to be able to present excellent services to users:

  1. 4 GB of RAM minimum.
  2. X86_64 processor with Intel or AMD CPU.
  3. 4 GB of internal storage.
  4. Hardware display technology with BIOS enables capability.
  5. Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

If you do not have the above, it may be that the emulator does not work on your computer. On the other hand, there are some standard specifications that the system requires in order to function perfectly, and they are the following:

  1. 16 GB RAM.
  2. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050.
  3. Intel i5-8400 CPU.
  4. Windows 10 operating system.

If you have exactly these requirements, you only have to enjoy what this emulator has for you.

What can I do with MeMU Play?

Apart from emulating Android games, as we well know, this emulator allows you to use any other application on your Android device, such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. On the other hand, it is not all what this emulator can do, it has a great variety of functions that any other emulator can have.

How does this emulator work?

This emulator simulates the function of being a mobile device; it uses virtualization to create a series of nucleuses, it allows the emulation of a game to be very fast. With this same function you will have access to different sections of the recreated device, for example the WiFi, camera, screen settings and customization, and GPS.

Another thing that MeMU Play can do is to accelerate the navigation within it, that is, by entering the emulator settings (not those in the Android system) you can enter a section called Screen settings, through it you can set the speed with which the system will flow on your computer.

On the other hand, something extremely interesting is that being just another app, all the data that you store inside the emulator, either those of social networks, applications or games,; they will be stored in another folder inside the computer,  just like in a notepad.

What games can MeMU Play emulate?

We know that for being an Android emulator, it should run most of the games that are available in Play Store, but it is not the case. Despite being an emulator that requires quite complex tools, it does not have the ability to emulate most of the games out there for you, since they are games that require a lot of RAM or other.

For this reason, in this reading we will show you a list, with which, we show you some of the best games that this application can emulate:

  1. Clash of Clans: The famous Super Cell game that many users love to play. As we well know, this is compatible with most mobile devices where it is downloaded. However, this game does not guarantee that you will be able to play it fluently. It almost always stops on some mobile devices. This is not the case with MeMU Play, because this emulator has the ability to run the game perfectly without any limitations.
  2. Call of Duty Mobile: A video game that in the years of its launch has managed to take advantage of downloads, since it is a game very advanced. Despite this, most of the time, if you do not have a device with optimal capabilities the game will not run, but in this case, with the emulator everything is different because, due to the function of the various nucleuses it allows an almost perfect fluidity at the moment of running the video game.
  3. Super Mario Run: One of the best in history due to its relationship with Nintendo. Throughout the years the Super Mario franchise has been able to take advantage of its impressions. In one of its latest creations, the amounts of downloads are surprising, although many of them have limitations due to their device. It does not affect MeMU, since with it you will be able to run it perfectly on your computer, without having a very sophisticated device.

Where can I download it?

The numbers of sites where you can download this emulator are incredible, but since not all of them are trustworthy anyone can have some malware or junk files that will damage y our computers. That is why it is better to download it from its official site.

Download it now by clicking here! You will get it directly from the official page. It is 100% safe and you can sure that you will be free of any malware.


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