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The use of mobile phone or that mobile device is presently essential.  It allows us to keep up with current tendencies, whether they are social networks or instant messaging sources such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Every day, modalities are being created to facilitate these means of communications.

However, there are people who for any situation do not have a device where they can make use of these means. For that same reason, systems called emulators have been created, which allow you to recreate operating systems of Android mobile devices on your computer. Thus, it will permit to have a better experience for anyone who wants to enter the world of communication.

In this article we will talk about Ko Player. It is a fairly practical emulator which is specialized in Android video game and, that does not need much space and RAM on your computer, in addition to that, the quality it provides is extremely excellent. So, if you do not have a mobile phone, we invite you to continue reading this post so, that you know even the least news about the emulator, such as the place where you can download it and everything that Ko Player can offer you.  This way, you can live that unique experience.

What is Ko Player?

Ko Player is a computer emulator that focuses mainly on Android video games available on Play Store. Despite being an Android emulator, it is not used to download applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook, but rather for games available on Play Store.

This emulator is not one of the best because; many users download it thinking that they will be able to recreate an Android device perfectly. On the contrary, it is an incomplete emulator in the sense that it only fulfills a single function and it does not refer specifically to mobile devices.

Everything in life has its disadvantage, and in this case Ko Player also has it. Most people download this emulator with another expectation, despite everything if your intention is to enjoy in the best manner with Android video games, Ko Player is the one indicated. In addition to its functions, it allows you to have a perfect and fluid level of game.

So, if you are a fan of video games on Google Play Store platform, this emulator is made perfectly for you, so that you can get the best possible out of it.

Requirements to download and use it

All applications need some specific requirements that the device where it is downloaded must have. Some of them require a lot of space or a certain amount of RAM to work perfectly, however, some require a lot and deliver little. This case does not apply to this application, because it needs very little to work on your computer, beside the quality of delivery is one of the best. In other words, what Ko Player needs in order to run fluently is the following.

  • Intel processor or AMD 32 or 64-bits.
  • 512 MB of RAM as minimum range.
  • Hard disk with 3 GB of minimum space, although 8 GB is recommended.
  • Windows X or Mac operating systems.
  • Graphic card minimum resolution of 1024×768.

If you have all these requirements mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy and get the best out of this excellent Android emulator.

Where can I download Ko Player?

It is always recommended to download the applications directly from its official website or from one that guarantees total security when installed, since there are download sites that are full of risky files for your computer or mobile device.

In this case, it is advisable to purchase the Ko Player emulator directly from its original source, that is, from the official Ko Player page. If you want to download it completely secure from its original source, we invite you to click here and you will be directed to a completely secure platform.

Available features in Ko Player

As we mentioned before, this emulator is focused directly on Android video games, so the following functions will be extremely useful when you are going to play the video game that you like so much.

It should be noted that, because of default the emulator has approximately 9 original icons, they are: Google Play, Gallery, settings, music, downloads, FAQ, browser, file administrator, and Google options. They will be increasing as you download them.

Control settings

If your computer has a touch monitor, it is good that you know that you can make the following settings for a better handling:

  1. Click: only by simply clicking on the virtual button, you can assign the keys to the computer keyboard.
  2. G-sensor: Again with a simple right click; you can access a kind of settings menu, where you can activate the motion sensor function.
  3. Slide: This function is mainly used to make a mouse adjustment, that is, you change the direction movements of pressing directly to the assigned keyboard the keys you prefer.
  4. Shooting Games: Configure to your preference the controls that you will use in your FPS type games that you will play.
  5. Position of the virtual buttons: With this function you will be able to select if you want to capture on the screen a kind of keyboard identical to those of emulator. By using it, you can change the position and function that each of the keys will have. After, all the settings, you must go to the menu exit and select the Save option so, that all the settings you made are permanently saved in the emulator.

How do you install the emulator?

Once the emulator is downloaded, its installation will be extremely simple; you just have to select the options of your preference that the emulator provides. It should be mentioned that, its installation takes a long time, approximately 10 minutes.

Now, to download video games, you just have to do exactly the same as it was an Android device, you go to Play Store, synchronize your Google account, and begin to look for the game you want to download. When you find it, the download and installation will begin, exactly the same as the Android device.

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