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How can I block my apps on my Android device?

Privacy is a very personal matter that must be respected. Sometimes, there are situations when we have to expose our privacy because we lend our phones to anyone who needs to make a call or to send a text message. When it is happens, we may be exposing our privacy regarding chats, photos or confidential files. Each of these applications can be obtained for free from the Play Store. To avoid these situations, there are methods that allow you to block selected applications so, nobody would have access to your privacy at least they know your password.

There are Methods that the application apply to block its initial download, or you can download applications with those that can be implemented a PIN or pattern password. We invite you to read this publication to learn more about the most effective methods to maintain your device security.

Via phone settings

Generally, smartphones of the latest range and different brands have a section in the settings where you can block the applications that you select. It must be mentioned that, it may vary depending on the phone where you do it. In order to do all that, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Enter the Security section.
  3. Enter the Application Lock section.
  4. Choose a PIN which will be set as a permanent lock.
  5. Select which applications will have the security PIN.

If your device has a fingerprint sensor, you can enable the lock option by entering your fingerprint.

Through applications with blocking option

It is well known that, nowadays the application updates show us news that allows us to insert a block PIN in order to enter the platform. Most of the time, it refers to messaging applications. Here are some of the most common apps where you can find this option:


Telegram is an instant messaging platform, which has many downloads within the Play Store. In its latest update, the option of entering a PIN was implemented to enter the platform. This option has been very important for its users, because through it, they have been able to protect files. To get to that section, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the menu on your device.
  2. Enter Telegram.
  3. In the upper left corner there are 3 bars, click there.
  4. Enter the Settings section.
  5. Now go to Privacy and Security.
  6. Choose the option Lock code.
  7. Enter PIN. It will be the unlock PIN.

It is ready. With it you will guarantee your privacy and prevent any intruder from accessing your information.

If you do not have Telegram, go to Play Store and download it.


WhatsApp is known to be the # 1 platform as top downloads on Play Store. A couple of months ago, with an update, the option of fingerprint blocking was added, it allows you to protect your information. However, this option is only available for phones with a fingerprint sensor. if it is the case, and you have a device with this mechanism; follow these steps to set this option:

  1. Enter the menu on your phone.
  2. Enter WhatsApp.
  3. Go to WhatsApp settings.
  4. Enter the Account section.
  5. Now enter the Privacy section.
  6. Slide to the bottom of the options.
  7. Enter Fingerprint Lock.

Ready! That will be enough to implement the blocking option on your device.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, go to Play Store and download it now.

Lock apps available on Play Store

Due to the fact that, many users do not have the option to block applications that have been specified above because, they do not have devices of the latest range with enough features to offer these services. For this reason, applications have been created where you can establish blocking systems for the applications of your phone that you select in the options. You can get all these apps by entering Play Store, because they are applications specifically aimed at users of Android devices.

Here we list the best applications that guarantee an excellent blocking system.

App Lock

App Lock is a very simple and easy-to-use free application, it also has an extremely pleasant interface for its users; it is one of the most favorites. During its time in Play Store, it has generated large amounts of downloads. There is a version of App Lock Pro, which is Premium and it offers some other functions.

It’s simple, just download the application, enter it and select the applications you want to block with a security PIN, fingerprint or an unlock pattern.

Don’t wait any longer and protect your applications. Go to Play Store now and download App Lock!

App Lock – PIN & Pattern Lock

It is a very practical and effective application. It has a great variety of functions, apart from the general ones that are to establish a PIN or unlocking pattern. Application lock – Lock with PIN and pattern offers functions such as: taking a photo of people who try to enter your applications, as well as, changing the themes of keyboard and buttons where the security code is entered.

It is a practical application in which you can be sure that nobody will spy on your files. Go to Play Store now and download App Lock – PIN & Pattern Lock!

Ultra AppLock- Ultra AppLock protects your privacy

If you are looking for an application with various functions and that also guarantees security, it is one of those indicated. It has a wide variety of functions, such as blocking by 3 methods: hiding applications, photo of intruders and camouflaging icons. With this app you can protect even your text messages, because you can change the icon of your messages application to make it look like any other application.

If you want to stay safe and protect your personal files, Ultra AppLock- Ultra AppLock protects your privacy is the best option, get it now in the Play Store.

Lock: AppLock

Lock: AppLock is just another application similar to the previous ones. It provides a fairly complete security system that allows users to place various types of lock on their applications, either by means of a fingerprint, pattern or PIN. This application has a function that allows you to hide it to prevent it from being deactivated, as well as anchor it with your email address to know if an intruder enters your applications without permission.

Do you want to try it? Search Lock: AppLock in Play Store and download it.

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