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Google removes preview of its messaging apps for Android

The messaging app preview option has been officially discontinued from Google apps for Android; it may not be a surprise to many users because it never reached great popularity within the digital community. But it is worth knowing what this news implies for your next proposals.

Doing a flashback, the powerful Google was the first to introduce the concept of previewing messages in its applications, with which it was possible to take a quick look and even chat without having to download or install the app.

Thus, since 2016 and with the Google Allo application, presently discontinued, it was the first and the principal representative of this preview option, which later became a complementary function for Google Photos and Duo. But, it ended up being practically ignored by other developers.

Let’s remember what Google Allo was

Google Allo was one of the first messaging services Google launched for both Android and iOS systems. At its best time it was quite innovative because it had a number of interesting features, and not just the preview of messages.

Well, it included options such as intelligent responses with which the application suggested neutral messages to save time, and it also offered an interesting incognito mode with which highly coded private notifications could be received.

In its last times, it included new options such as integration with Google Assistant that improved predictive messages.

Or, the option of messages that would delete themselves after 30 seconds, very similar to the Telegram tool.

But none of these options can increase the popularity of Google Allo, which stopped being developed at the end of 2018, at that time Google Chat was born, and by September 19 of this past 2019 the project was closed.

Goodbye to the preview message option

During the time it was in operation, it was very easy to configure the messages function with app previews on Android.

It was enough to have a Google account and keep the option activated from Android settings, so any other user to send us a message through Google Allo, Duo or Photos, even without considering downloading any of them.

In moments, a notification box with the message and three possible options would appear on the screen: install the app, ignore the message or respond to it.

Why is this happening?

For some time, several users alerted the Android community that, if they entered Android Settings, Google, Data and Messages, and finally, Application preview message, the option would be totally disabled, so it could not be interact with it.

But now these rumors are history, and it is because from the page of Google developers, they give the reasons for the disappearance of the preview messages function.

They claim that the API that App Preview Messaging maintained is now obsolete and that it will end up being completely removed from Android in subsequent system updates.

What’s next

In the same statement, those of Google already announced its possible replacement, the Google My Business messaging API, which will be integrated into many other G Suit applications that were not previously, such as Google Search or Google Maps.

This application allows businesses to be contacted by any customer from their Google profiles.

At the same time, it allows these same businesses to manage messages in a reasonable time by means of notification notifications, personalized welcome messages, chats with multimedia messages and other options to manage the business profile.

Only time will tell if this new substitute approach will end up hooking users or will go unnoticed by the developers of the Android community like its predecessor.

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