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Google Play Store shows its new design

The Google Play Store platform innovates its new design that arrived a few days ago for the users. It is available for different people from different countries. You only need to have a smartphone with an Android operating system. These changes have caused excellent reactions in the people who use it because, they consider it extremely pleasant. It also has an interface that is quite simple to use, making it easier to search for the applications you want to download. We invite you to continue reading so, you can get to know all the new functions that Google Play has brought with its new update.

How do I get the new version?

If you are one of those people to whom appeared the new version without doing an update or if you already have it there is no problem; because you do not need to apply the processes to get the new version of Play Store. Otherwise, if you do not have it yet, it is recommended that you do the following steps to get it: first you must uninstall it from your device and download it again. Follow these steps so you can enjoy the new version:

  1. Go to any platform or website where you are allowed to download it.
  2. Download and install the file.
  3. Go to the settings, in the Applications section and delete the data.
  4. Start again your device and that’s it.

In case you have followed those steps but, you don’t notice any change, wait a few minutes and it will appear. Otherwise you will have to wait a few more days while it becomes available in your country.

New features!

The new version of Google Play Store has a series of functions that you didn’t have before, and that also allow you to give a more practical and simple use, especially for those people who are starting out in the world of technology. These functions are useful to make our search process easier and also more pleasant.

New filters

The platform now has more filters. Previously, it had a number of filters which allowed the user to use a kind of strainer that filtered the applications displayed, so that the list was reduced and the results it delivered were more specific and accurate to what users were looking for. Now, new filters have been added to make your search more precise and accurate. Using it properly you can reduce the list to as many as 3 applications. One of these new filters is the categories filter, in which you select the category to which the app belongs.

Changing themes

It is one of the best. The change of themes! Generally, people prefer dark themes for protection to their eyes. A bright theme generates large amounts of light emitted by the device’s display. Even if you are using the lowest brightness level, it is still irritating on your eyes, especially at nights. Due to all mentioned before, Play Store has decided to introduce the dark mode function, so that you can change the theme and use the one you prefer.

New icon designs

Previously the icon designs were simple or quite specific. Now the new version has come to revolutionize us with new interactive icon designs, the new icons are more fun and they also have neon colors that make your experience in the Play Store more exciting. It also has a new mode of access to adjustments in which you can select the color of the search icons.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the new version yet!

It is normal that many people want to have this new version so they can enjoy the new modalities that Google has implemented for us. However, in several countries this version of Google Play Store is not yet available; this is because the update is relatively new and it is still being implemented in countries, especially in the place where it was created.

If you have done the reinstallation and you still do not notice the changes, it may be that for your country the new version is not ready yet. For this reason, we invite you not to despair. just wait for it to be available in your country. It will be worth the wait, because you will be extremely satisfied with the new features that Google Play Store has for you.

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