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Google Play Store: new filters and how to find the best apps and games according to our preferences

Are you tired of exploring apps and games that you find them uninteresting? Do you want to use some filters in order to find that app or game you were looking for in a very quickly way? Let us read this post!

Developers of Google Play Store are implementing new filters in order to find apps or games depending on your likes and preferences.

Nowadays, only some Google Play Store users are enjoying these filters, since they are checking its functionality on. However, in the future, everybody will be able to use these filters in order to look for what they are looking for.


Which new filters has Google Play Store created?


When you want to explore new apps or games, you usually type something on the search bar and many apps and games will appear. However, these results have not a logical order, so everything is mixed up. Therefore, you waste so much time in exploring uninteresting and useless apps or games.

With these new filters, you will be able to refine the search in order to find what you need without losing so much time, in an easy way. The new filters are the followings:

  • You will be able to activate a filter according to the punctuation of the apps and games (4 o 4.5 stars).
  • You will also activate “Editor’s Choice”. This filter will show you apps and games selected by Google Play Store editors.
  • “New” is another new filter. This option will show you apps and games recently uploaded to Google Play Store.


And, best of all, you can activate all the filters at the same time, so you will be able to see new and best apps and games chosen by Google Play Store editors. Thus, these filters will only show you apps and games with a very great quality.


In conclusion

These filters have been created in order to make our lives easier, since we will activate them to find what we were looking for without wasting our time and, best of all, we will sure we are downloading and installing an app or game with a great quality.

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