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Google Play Store: how to install apps and games when they are released automatically

Some years ago, Google Play Store lunched “Pre-register” in order to announce instantaneously the future apps releases. Thus, people receive a notification the day of the release in order to let them know that the app or game is already available.

Therefore, Google Play Store has decided to improve this feature and now allows people to download and install those unreleased apps and game automatically on their devices, so you do not have to pay attention to the date of release.

How to install automatically apps when they are released?

When someone wants to pre-register on a new app or game, a screen appears saying: “You’re set. We’ll notify you when this game/app is released”, but the new thing is that you can also read, “Also install when available”, so this means that the app or game will be automatically installed on your device the day of its release.

This new feature is not available for everyone, since Google Play Store developers are trying this new feature in a small group of users. However, it will be probably available for everyone someday.

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