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Google Play Store: “Free trial & install”

Google has recently announced new changes and features for Google Play Store; for example, Play Store users can now pay by cash the paid apps and games. However, this post is about another new function: the new button “Free trial & install”.

This new function, basically, deals with downloading and installing apps that need a subscription, but with the subscription already activated.



Thanks to the Play Billing Library version 3 new changes will come and one of them has to do with Google Play Store. Therefore, some important apps that need a subscription already include this new function.

How does it work?

Actually, Google wants that the Play Store users to discover new functions and advantages of apps that need a paid subscription. It means that people will be able to download apps with an activated subscription and enjoy the advantages of the subscription from the very first moment. In the past, people downloaded and installed those apps for free and then they activated the subscription, so it is a big change.

Anyway, only few developers can actually activate the access to the “Free trial & install” button. In addition, this button is highlighted and people can get confused, so we could think that Google is trying to attract new users. However, they will get a paid version without being aware of it.

However, Google provides users a box with same important information about the subscription, so people should read it before installing it.

Thanks to this element, we can see the relevant information about this subscription. It will allow you to use this app for three days completely free, but after these three days, the users will have to pay $29.90 for an annual subscription. All these changes will come soon, so pay attention to this new change and read all the information before you accept anything.

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