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Google Play is full of copies of AnTuTu. Where can I get the original application?

At the end of the first quarter of this year, the Google Play app AnTuTu caused discontent by being completely removed from the Android download platform. This, despite causing consternation among its users, was supported by revealing that its developers were accused of spying on the personal information of AnTuTu users. For this reason, it was withdrawing from different countries until finally disappearing permanently from the platform.

Currently, if you visit the Play Store, you will see that it is full of applications that imitate AnTuTu, in fact, many of them use the same logo but with a different name. In addition to this, these apps do not have the functions that the original AnTuTu had. Definitely, this is a big problem, since we are facing numerous apps that are unable to satisfy the needs of the users who download them.

Copies of AnTuTu that you can get in the Play Store

It is common that when an application has a considerable amount of downloads, other apps are generated that copy its functions, but most of them do not manage to keep up with the original. In fact, AnTuTu does not escape from this problem, since it has around 18 copies that nowadays, can still be found in the Play Store.

This problem is actually something extremely serious because these copies of AnTuTu can damage your device or steal your personal information. For this reason, it is important to download the correct one in order to guarantee security and to have a service that meets your needs.

Where can I download AnTuTu?

As we well know, AnTuTu is no longer available in the Play Store, however, there is still a portal where you can download for free and be sure that it is the original. These pages can be obtained through Google; the APK Mirror platform is one of the most recommended. However, we do not guarantee that by the time you read this article, this app can still be downloaded, since Google is removing AnTuTu from any platform where you can buy it.

Which industry has sold the most smartwatches in 2020?

Smartwatches have made their debut in recent years; it was not the case previously, as people preferred a smartphone over a smartwatch. Facing up with this situation, the industries realized this and improved their projects, creating smartwatches that are increasingly advanced in their functions. Large industries such as Apple and Huawei have been some of the most benefited from this project.

Currently, it is estimated that Apple is in the first position of sales of smartwatches. In second place is Garmin, a sports industry that has increased its sales figures, previously Samsung was in the second place, but it has been affected by its few innovations. The third place is Huawei, which has increased its sales by 8.3%.

Who have been the best sellers in this 2020?

  1. Huawei Watch GT2: This watch is the latest creation of Huawei; it is characterized by its design and its battery performance.
  2. Imoo Z3 4G: It is intended for the use of children. It has basic functions that allow you to communicate with your parents at any time.
  3. Apple Watch Series 5: Apple’s latest release is the one that has generated the most profits for the industry.
  4. Galaxy Watch Active 2: This device has been the best creation that Samsung has ever had. It has very useful functions such as the virtual assistant.

How to use my biometric data to protect the autocompleting of my passwords?

Password autocompleting is a very useful function since it allows us to save time and make our logins more secure and simple. With the advancement of technology, more and more devices are being created to correctly protect our passwords, creating quite secure modalities. One of these modalities is the protection of passwords with biometric data.

Either with your face or fingerprint, Google has created a system that requests the user to provide some of their biometric data to be able to autocomplete passwords; with this guarantee, no person accesses your information without first having placed their fingerprint or having detected their face.

How to activate this function?

  1. Enter your device settings
  2. Enter the Google section.
  3. Press the autocomplete option.
  4. Now you must click on the autocomplete security option.
  5. Turn on the credentials option.

Ready!. This will be enough to protect your passwords.

learn everything about the new OPPO A53 2020 device!

A couple of years ago, OPPO launched a device called OPPO A53 on the Chinese market, which generated high purchase rates within the technology industry. Currently, OPPO has renewed its device, adding functions that it did not have before. This device has been launched on the market in Indonesia and began to be sold in April 2020. It is estimated that its price in euros is 140, converting between rupees and euros.

Features of the OPPO A53

  1. Dimensions: 163 x 75 x 8.4 mm.
  2. Weight: 186, 1 gr.
  3. Display:

– HD resolution.

– 6.5 inches.

  1. Cameras:
  • Front: 16 Mpx.
  • Rear:
    • Main: 13 Mpx.
    • Junction sensor: 2 Mpx.
    • Macro: 2 Mpx.
  1. Performance:
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Processor: Snapdragon 460.
  • 64 GB of internal storage.
  1. Battery:
  • Fast charge: 18 W
  • 5000 mAh capacity
  1. System version:
  • Color OS 7.
  • Android 10.

The new Nokia TV Box, with the function of being used on any television!

The advancement of technology shows us every day how great devices can be. In this case, Nokia is not far behind and brings us an Android TV, known as Nokia Media Streamer, a device that allows us to use the phone from our TV through a wireless control with Bluetooth connection. This launch will take place on August 28 for the Indian markets. It is estimated that it will be priced to be sold at 3499 rupees. Other devices like this had already been launched on the market, such as the Xiaomi Box TV, which was sold in Spain.


  1. 1 GB RAM.
  2. 8 GB internal memory.
  3. Quad-Core Mali-450 GPU processor.
  4. 1080p resolution.
  5. Connectivity through:
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • HDMI

New Google Maps function that will notify you when a fire occurs

Every day Google implements new ways of presenting all information to users. In this case, a function has been created that allows sending notifications to people who are near a place where a fire is occurring. In addition to this, it shows you the access and escape routes of it.

For now, this function will be available only for the United States, since a study has been made of a location in California, where they had the idea to implement this new function. It is wanted that this function is implemented everywhere through Google Maps, especially in those regions where there are more fires in certain seasons of the year.

Google Maps will inform you about the fires!

Just by typing the name of the place where the fire is taking place, Google will provide you with the greatest amount of information, being very useful for fire departments and protection bodies. Previously, there were already functions such as notification of natural disasters, but this is a very good one.

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