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Google Assistant, more than just notifications

On our daily lives we are on a constant search to be proactive, and our electronic devices play an indispensable role in it. Sometimes, we are running out of time and our hands are busy doing something else, like cooking, for example, and perhaps you need to check for the next step of the recipe… Well, Google Assistant will be there for you to answer to your questions out loud.

Google Assistant is an Operative System based on Artificial Intelligence, it has been made for mobile and smart home devices. You can interact with it through using your natural voice, which is truly helpful for moments when you are in a hurry or just to give you a more enjoyable and comfortable experience, you could also use the keyboard input.

Aspects of it

This tool is able to search on the internet for anything you ask it for, you could schedule events and alarms, customize hardware settings on your device and show information from your google account. It has made an awesome evolution since it was unveiled it in 2016, making it one of the most dynamic and advanced assistants out there.

By just saying its wake words, ‘’OK, Google’’ or ‘’Hey, Google’’ its algorithm will fulfill a series of functions, knowing everything about you, your meeting and travel plans, the type of music you like, your favorite football team and your whole interests, this way, it will smartly give you the relevant information you are looking for from what you have recorded on your device and focusing mostly on the information that matters to you.

It could also help you to find the name of that song that has been stuck in your head for a while! It is designed to work on your requests as conversational interactions. This assistant can also recognize voices from different people, so it gets to distinguish who is talking to it and can follow the responses accordingly.

You can even ask for multiple things at the same time, some of the options it gives to manage your agenda are to control your devices and your smart home, this way they are all linked and possess the same information. It would follow your access information from your calendars and other personal stuff, giving you the chance to register reminders for birthday dates, dinners, meetings, etc.

Moreover, it is programmed to be able to give you recommendations depending on your requests. You could ask for recommendations on recipes (curious fact, depending on the time of the day, the recommendation will vary, depending if it is for lunch or dinner), which restaurant offers delivery services, a podcast to listen and even for activities to do, to give a little fresh air to your routine.

Whenever you need it and as long as your electronic device is available to do it, it can find information online, from addresses to restaurant bookings, news, the weather and so on. You can tell it which song you want to listen to; run timers and reminders, make appointments and send messages. If you ask it to read your notifications out loud to you, it will.

It is able even to give real-time spoken translations, can you imagine? Being out there, traveling on your own and not feeling able to ask for a direction because you don’t manage the language from the place you are visiting; this feature would save your experiences.

Taking into account that Google Assistant is programmed to know you and understand your context, it is going to react in a smart and informed way. And with its Artificial Intelligence, it is designed to be more than just reactive.

Among its numerous features, it goes from being able to book a room for you in a Hotel, to help to lead a conversation in dozens of languages, by just saying ‘’Hey Google, be my French interpreter’’, to activate the Interpreter Mode, working on real time spoken conversations and on written translation. It even includes the ability to keep track of your flight, like the airline and destination dependent.

Google Assistant is available on iPhone App Store, even though they already possess Siri and there are some restrictions for it, you can get it. It is available on most Android phones and devices Play Store, offering the AI System.

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