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If you want to take the maximum advantage of both your smartphone and YouTube to enjoy the millions of videos on this platform, I suggest to download YouTube Go, the mobile app that will allow you to watch all the multimedia contents in an easy way.

YouTube is certainly one of the most influential websites of recent times. It is nothing more and nothing less than the most important video library worldwide with more than 1.800 million active users logged. We can find videos on any subject that comes to mind. Everything is on YouTube.

Its demand is so big that its “Google LLC” administrators developed the right alternative to empower its use even without internet access or with limited internet connection, with the amazing YouTube Go App. This strategy aims to bring YouTube experience to every corner of the world. If you want to know in detail, what YouTube Go is and what its function is, you should read this article.

What is YouTube Go?

It is an app that allows users to access the services provided by the platform at any time, including those ones with bad or zero internet connection. It is no exaggeration to say that it is best app for watching videos that currently exists.

The importance of this app is mostly due to its interface that works as the original website, thus maintaining the distinctive and presentation features and allowing its use to be extremely friendly and easy to understand.

YouTube Go

Beyond any preference, it is important to recognize the international value of the platform. Just think about the possibility of access for those who need to reduce internet data or who do not have a daily internet service: this shows a great attention for users.

Download videos with YouTube Go

In addition to watching videos, when you install YouTube Go on your smartphone, you can download all the videos you want. The procedure consists in downloading the video and then choosing which quality you want between Basic or Standard. The difference between the two lies in the memory capacity of the video, since the Basic consists of 3.1 MB and the Standard consists of 14.1MB. Subsequently, the save option is selected and from there you can watch it anytime you want.

The advantages of downloading YouTube Go: Available at anytime

– Guaranteed access to your favorite video:

By using this app you can enjoy each video you want anywhere even without internet. In addition, the visualizations you make do not consume data because it is stored in the memory. In this way, just downloading them once, you can have videos to watch on different occasions. It is very useful when we want to watch a video more than once for reasons of learning or entertainment and thanks to this App we can do it completely free.

– Manage your memory and data

Indeed it is one of the greatest benefits that it provides, since I can decide in which quality to download the videos, I can use the memory available on the device more efficiently. I can even delete them to gain more memory if I need it.

YouTube Go

At the same time, I can directly check how much data will be used when downloading the required video, allowing watching them countless times with no extra charge. It is important to acknowledge these advantages especially when you use it very much because you can really save up a lot of space and data.

– High-speed service

Beyond the time spent in downloading the video, a relevant feature is how naturally the downloaded video is played.

– Variety and quality 

As the platform guarantees, by downloading YouTube Go, you can have the entire catalogue of millions of audiovisual contents that this video library has and enjoy the most popular videos or the precise video you are looking for.

The best of YouTube Go App

The app guarantees a first class functionality in reference to your system because there are not problems with software or blockages that interfere with the execution of your services, keeping the same policy lacking in the platform.

A quality of this product is the free download of the App that translates into the best option for its users who seek the maximum saving without risking in the quality of services.

How to download YouTube App for free

Through the Play Store, any user can have access to YouTube Go App in order to use its services in all their functions and therefore make a discretionary use of the benefits that leads to the development of their daily activities, ideally contributing to the desired entertainment without spending more.

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