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VivaVideo: to edit your world

VivaVideo is the best app for Youtubers. With this fantastic tool, you can have access to the creation, edition and assembly of your audiovisual projects, from the comfort of your Smartphone, without having to learn how to use exclusive programmers for computers that are usually very complicated. So if you want to discover how to make a video with images and music from your mobile to share it on social medias, stay with us and we will explain in an easy way the functions of this new app.

VivaVideo App has an easy an user-friendly interface, it means that by looking at the tool icons, you know immediately know their function, even if you have never used them before. It allows you to select the material for the elaboration of your works from the preconfigured files that are in the application gallery, or import them from the memory of your Smartphone. It is available in two versions: VivaVideo for free and VivaVideo Pro, which is the paid version.

What is VivaVideo?

For many it is the most powerful and complete app for video editing of the current time. It offers the most effective tools for creating and editing video, making you look like an expert. It has multiple options, with which you can add the most exclusive audio and animation effects to your productions with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. They will give you the feeling of having been worked in the most prestigious audiovisual studio.


Among the advantages of VivaVideo App, there is the possibility to rely on different ways to create your audiovisual projects, from the basic to the professional mode that you can edit with filters, effects, speed changes, images transitions, templates of collage, adding music and countless elements to create videos in an easy and fun way.

How does VivaVideo work?

This great app give us an updated variety of menus with progressive design tools that other app do not have. Learning how to use VivaVideo is a piece of cake because the development of the source code gives to it a fluent, dynamic and user-friendly interface. You just have to download VivaVideo on your mobile phone and enjoy its benefits.

Once installed on our Smartphone, we can enter its catalogue of options with infinite variabilities, which really stands out from other apps. It uses basic functions of the mobile such as taking videos giving the possibility to transform them by testing your creativity and your ingenuity.

VivaVideo and VivaVideo Pro: advantages and differences

The main feature that distinguishes the two versions is that one is free and the other must be paid.

With the free version of VivaVideo you can create videos with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. You will have access to a large part of its menu of options, with which you can edit your photos, videos and music clips which will be saved on your gallery to be played from other mobile apps, or you can even upload them on the social media you like the most.


VivaVideo Pro is the purchase version of this App in which you can enjoy all the tools to carry out more ambitious projects without length limits or watermarks. You will have also a better quality and you will get limitless filters to customize your experience.


Each of them, despite certain important differences, continue to be a very useful choice that provides many advantages and the best quality videos that you can share on social media impressing your friends. Today no smartphone is complete without such an app.

Advantages of having VivaVideo on my Smartphone.

The main advantage is that it has an effective editing tool at your fingertips, all day, in any place in order to make your dream of being a professional Youtuber true, express yourself on any theme to inform, entertain, criticize and sensitize all your instant messaging contacts or even all those netizens who surfes the internet looking for entertainment.

Among the things we can do with VivaVideo App we have: create tutorials, music clips, memes, images collages, movie clips and become the most popular and famous Youtuber. You make the rules. All this and much more in a single app that does not occupy much memory space but in change will give you moments of fun and will change your way to see the world.

On the top of the top

The download platforms of VivaVideo for Android or iPhone place it in the top of favorite apps by the users thank to  the positive feedback that it receives every day and the amount of downloads that are made, so it shows the acceptability in YouTube community. So, if you want the make the difference and surprise with wonderful videos, VivaVideo is the best option in any version. Download it! And start editing your world.

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