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Twitter: the net of the blue bird

The social network Twitter came along to settle permanently in our lives and we, pleased, have opened all the doors. Since its launch in 2006, this platform kept growing and nowadays it’s one of the most known worldwide. Join me in this post to find out deeply the keys to Twitter, what it is and how it works.

The first thing to say about this platform is that it is compatible with many operating systems, especially you should know that there is the possibility to download Twitter for Android and iOs. This has led it to be compatible with most Smartphones through the Twitter App.

Another feature that has marked its path has been the debate. And this is not so big with impunity. The success has been so big that even Twitter has been accused of promoting social riots in many countries of the world, it has also been said that this social network was used to influence ways of thinking through bots or other sospicious strategies. Beyond the truth or the fake of these statements, the fact is that social network has marked the political, social and communicative actions of recent times.

After this introduction, your insterest has surely grown in discovering then what Twitter is. Let’s have a look.

Twitter definition

It is generally defined from the term microblogging, a term which at first can seem difficult to understand, but actually is very simple. It is a web tool through which information can be disseminated in a summary way. And this is one of the advantages of Twitter: the chance to sum up tons of information in few messages, or using its dialect, in few tweets.


Of course you’ve wondered  what Twitter means, what is the origin of its name. Well, it is an English word that that stands for the chirping of the birds. Cute, right? Therefore, when we send a tweet, actually we are chirping in the air.

How does it work?

In this social network everything is easy: downloading Twitter is free, writing or reading a tweet, reposting a tweet of other people (RTing), following or being followed, putting “like”, creating lists according to particular interests. All this and much more is due to the way in which its developers conceived of communication and have created an interface that fully meets this conception.


In order to delve into Twitter functionality I have chosen three features that I reckon the most important to understand how it became a Giant of social networks.

Immediacy and brevity

The ones that were considered the limits of this net are now the most appreciated by everyone: brevity and immediacy.
It’s incredible how a platform that allows messages of only 280 characters (until 2018 were 144) has been capable of saying many things in the recent years. This characteristic of saying everything in few words is in line with our modern life: we want everything fast, summed up, and as the bluebird network has showed, this does not affect the quality of information.

-Latest news without borders

If there is a word that defines our time, “ephemeral” is the one that best fits. We live in an era where everything disappears in a blink of an eye. What yesterday was considered as the latest news, today is an old subject. The famous Twitter Trending Topic is the clear proof of the intense speed at which information moves and thanks to this function we can follow step by step what is happening right now in every place of the world.
The Trending Topic is the Twitter’s list that shows the trends of a topic in a certain moment. The advantage is that it’s possible to set it up in order to know which are the top themes in a certain geographical area. If we use Twitter we will always be updated.

The Hashtag Empire 

Without no doubt, the Hasthag is the most important symbol of Twitter. Even though it is a symbol once used with many other functions, it was adopted thanks to the suggestion of an user named Chris Messina and since then it has invaded all areas of our daily life.
What is its function? Its main function is to create labels, saying those words or sentences that sum up an important idea, for this you have to put the number sign or the hash mark (#) before the terms you want to stand out.
The result is that the Hashtag is trendy and now we can see it everywhere. It’s hard to say that all this is not due to Twitter.

Multi-format capacity

You can attach images, videos or gif to text messages and this improves the descriptive capacity making it a dynamic and multimedial social network.

Downloading Twitter

If you don’t use this application yet, after reading this post you can’t have any doubt about starting using it. In this regard, the first question you should be asking yourself is: Where can I download the Twitter App?

You have a wide variety of chances. The most used ones are the Play Store that offers the Twitter App for Android and the App Store which offers Twitter App for iPhones.

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