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Snapchat, the “ghost” social network

You don’t know what Snapchat is? This is one of the social networks with the highest number of followers worldwide. In this post you will find in summary all the information about it.

Snapchat is the trending social network, especially in the young people who have found in this platform the extremely instant messaging application that best suits the needs of digital natives. According to the latest data, more than the 60% of young people between 13 and 23 years old, have the Snapchat App installed on their mobile phone. In fact, one of the goals proposed by this network was to challenge the TikTok app which counts many younger users and everything and everything seems to indicate that it is winning the battle.

When we talk about social media, it is inevitable to mention the principle of immediacy as one of its most important conditions.  On the other hand, in this regard Snapachat is definitely on another level because it has brought the immediacy to the maximum and made it its perfect hook with the users. Let’s see what it is.

Snapchat: the instant social network

I don’t think there is a better way to explain what Snapchat is and how it works than using this definition: the instant social network. You may tell me that all the social networks are, but this is the queen in this aspect. And I will tell you why.


The quality of this platform is in the possibility to share information in different multimedia formats, but the content is available to the receptor for a short amount of time. The user who sends images, Gifs or videos decides how long it can be seen before it disappears completely from the net. This period can be a maximum of 10 seconds or 24 hours only if you save the content in your story.

This peculiarity has many advantages for the users. One of them is that differently from Instagram, for example, the visual content shared doesn’t merit having a professional use because you can see it just for some seconds. Moreover, it is a network that allows you to share a more real version of the daily life, it is not necessary to dress elegantly or have a fancy haircut if you send a photo via Snapchat.

If we are aware that our photo will not last forever, we are not too worried to show the best pose of our life. So, you don’t have to comb your to use Snapchat.

Steps to start using Snapchat

If you have not yet entered the universe of this social network, you are missing a tool that can be very useful if you want to expand your social interaction skills. The steady growth of this company is clear: according to the latest statistics, daily more than 420 million photos are shared and more than 5 billion videos are viewed. These numbers place the app above Facebook.


If you want to start using the Snapchat mobile app, you have to follow these steps:

  • Download Snapchat for free

According to your smartphone’s operating system, you can do it through Play Store (Snapchat for Android) or App Store (Snapachat for iPhone). The procedure in simple, it is not necessary to explain it.

  • Register on Snapchat

Once installed the app, you must register using an email address and a password.

  • Set up your account

The setup of the account includes making those steps to customize it. What you can’t miss is the function to design a Bitmoji Snapchat that is a cartoon of yourself. Besides being fun, it is a way to give a personal and creative stamp.

  • Start adding Snapchatters

We know that a social network without friends or followers is meaningless, so this is one of the most important activities in order to take advantage from them.

One of the first strategies you can apply is to synchronize the account with your mobile contacts.

  • Share or view Snap

We get to the core of the matter. At this point, you can already use the different functions of the app to create or view snaps. The term Snap is used to name the content, photos or videos (of 10 seconds), which is shared. There are multiple functions and an intuitive interface to create snaps, so in few minutes you will be able to use the app.

  • Use Snapchat tools

Surely, you have seen more than one modified image with the tools that the application has, that give a unique touch. Tools as Filters, Doodles, Stickers, paper Clips or scissors that give a distinctive mark to what you share.

  • How to use the timer 

In the left corner of the snap you are going to share there is the icon of a clock, there you can decide the amount of time to view the message once opened.

It’s not casual that the logo of this network is a ghost, because after installing the Snapchat App on the mobile we become a little ghosts because we have the ability to appear and disappear magically.

With everything I’ve told you in this article, you have the basic information to start using the trendy social network.

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