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Pou: your favorite virtual pet

Do you like animals? Do you want a pet to take everywhere? Would you like to have an alien pet? Well, what I bring in this post is ideal for you. It’s the Pou App, the most downloaded virtual game in the world, created in 2012 and launched for the first time on Google Play. If you want to know who is Pou and how it works, stay with us in this article.

We will explain all the wonderful things you can do with this important game App and with which you will spend hours of fun because it has many secrets to discover, in addition you will learn many curious facts and all the latest news of the game. Get ready to meet the cutest and nicest virtual pet of all time.

How to play Pou?

The old Tamagotchi, a virtual pet created in Japan in 1996, has inspired this mobile app. The goal of the game is taking care of Pou since he is a baby and watch him grow, feed him and play with him to entertain and make him happy, get him friends and, of course, clean him when he is very dirty. (This is part of the responsibility of taking care of a pet even though it is not so good). All the things you do will produce coins with which you can buy food, accessories to dress and customize him and other items to keep him happy and healthy.


Throughout the day, your little Pou will wait for you to receive your cuddles. You have to take him from room to room in the small virtual house of Pou and do different activities with him. In every room, you will find simple available functions to take care of him but also to entertain yourself. You must produce and collect coins to exchange them for products, keep Pou healthy and level up.

Pou’s rooms

Among the funniest things you will find when you download Pou on the mobile, there is the possibility to move around the rooms of Pou’s home using intuitive cursors going to left and right, placed on the top.

Kitchen: Your virtual pet will be very hungry, so take him to the kitchen and feed him the food you bought, such as fruits, eggs, fried bacon and sweets, as well as drinks such as water, milk and juices.

Playroom: In this space, Pou can play with a ball or you can entertain him by playing with him in the mini-games available in the App. In this way, both of you will have much fun.

Living room: a room to relax that has a microphone function with which Pou will graciously repeat everything you say.

Bathroom: With lots of games, Pou gets dirty. Clean him with water and soap to keeping his spirits up. The shower is a recent-added function.

Laboratory: to help him with his health (and to satisfy his crazy scientific impulse), Pou needs special potions to take care of his energy and growth.

Bedroom: Of course, he also sleeps. You can turn off his lamp so he can sleep and in the wardrobe, you will find clothes and costumes to dress him up. You can also buy more accessories in the store.  

Garden: you can bring Pou outside of his house where you can water the plants (do it every day) or play to find criminals.

How to customize Pou?

The standard appearance of Pou when you start playing is a kind of of brown triangle, but this cool app allows you to customize his appearance to your tastes, in this way there are not two identical Pous.  This has proven to be one of the preferred functions of users who proudly show their Pous on social networks.


To customize Pou you must go to his bedroom and in the wardrobe you will find clothes, animal customs, hats, glasses, moustaches and much more. You can also change the skin color and customize the bedroom changing the colour of the lamp, the pillow and the background. When you level up, you will unlock new and fun accessories.

How to download Pou for free?

If you have an Android or iOS mobile device, you can search in the Store of your operating system for the Pou application. The installation is free and easy, you just have to make sure that you have a good internet connection and storage space on the smartphone. Although the app is free, some special functions or accesories in the game may require payment. However, don’t let this discourage you from having the best virtual pet.

Curious info and news about Pou

 This app is one of the most downloaded games on Play Store and fans always wait for new info or updates of the game. Here are some curiosities of this popular App:

–  Pou 3D: In August 2015, it was announced that Pou’s appearance would change to a 3D design, but to date said change has not been made.

–  Pou, dead and resurrected: On December 2, 2019, the app was removed from the Play Store. Many fans complained but didn’t last long, because on December 6 the App returned with a new update.

-Hacked Pou: On the net, you can find many tricks and hacks to earn much coins (up to infinite coins) and to level up rapidly.

-Pou vs Pou: You can interact with other Pous, play with them in mini-games or against them in competitions. You just need to connect to the internet.

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