Play Store Download for Tablet

You have a tablet, and for some strange reasons you don’t have or can’t use Google Play store?

It’s not for just whim, but we use smartphones our everyday life and not just for entertainment, but for work and to contact your familiars if they are outside. Nowadays the technology has improved a lot and most of people have those devices, whether those are android, windows phone or IOS.

We use them a lot because they are very useful and versatile, let us see the news, have fun by YouTube or other video app, read books, use social networks like Facebook or Twitter and message to people from very far places.

One of the most important apps for android in order to have all that lot of useful apps is called Google Play Store or just Google Play, that storage all those useful tools we need or we want to have.

Download the latest version of Play Store

What makes Play store so special?

Google play has more than a million apps, paid and free that will make our life simpler and entertain us, and also has books, movies to buy or rent, music, and games, all very easy to install and most of them secure, is a tool you need for sure and won’t ever repent to have.

Google Play Store for Tablet
Google Play Store for Tablet.

You don’t need to worry if you lose your tablet in an accident or gets stolen, you might lose the tablet, but not the apps, they will be in your google account and won’t be a problem to install them again, though will be a pain if your internet is slow as hell.

Which might be the reasons that don’t let you have the Play Store in your tablet?

When we buy it can be a clone, a Chinese version or some cheap bad rip-off. Other reason might be that the tablet you have is rooted, and doesn’t let you install it. Also there’s the outcome that Google itself doesn’t let you install any of its apps, because your phone is not certified by them.

Well, said all that, I’ll tell you how to install the Google Play Store into your tablet just follow the steps and read well, and if you don’t understand, re read it, please.

Download Play Store for Tablets

Let’s start, step by step, in a simple way, how to download and install the Google Play Store for your android tablet.

Steps for downloading and installing Play Store in your Tablet

  1. Download the .apk file into your pc to begin with; you can’t install the Play Store without having it, can’t ya? You can also download it from your tablet, to save time if you’re hurried or just lazy to send the file into your phone via usb or Wi-Fi.
  2. When you have the app in your storage, go to settings, then security, and activate the option “Allow apps from unidentified developer”
  3. Look for the .apk file in your storage, if you downloaded from your tablet, it might be in the folder called “Downloads” and if you did it from your pc, look where you pasted it.
  4. At last, but not least, tap the app, read, just follow the steps, and when it finishes installing, go create a google account and enjoy the Google Play Store to its fullest.
  5. Download the latest version of Play Store

That’s it! There’s not too much to add, I hope you find it simple and understandable. The only thing that you can do after this is download as much apps as you want to! Well, not a hundred, but as much as your storage allows you, don’t exploit your phone too much… Then you won’t be able to use any of your downloaded apps to its fullest, and we don’t want you to do that.

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