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Play Store Download for Mobile. Play Store is a nice place where you can download tons of apps, whether paid or free, books, music, movies, life hacking apps and other modern stuff, yet sometimes it doesn’t come in our mobiles yet those are android, what’s wrong that does happen?

Nowadays it’s not strange to see a person with a smartphone everywhere, just looking at it, whether it’s for work or just entertainment. And also we see teenagers, kids, and even very old people who use tablets, smartphones, IPad, and the lot of modern devices that exist 24/7, not every time, but a big amount of time is spent in just looking at Facebook or playing Candy Crush.

What makes Play Store so special?

Surely, Google play is a big and very useful tool nowadays, and the large variety of apps that it has captivates the user’s attention; as an approximation, it has 1 million apps, and 60 million downloads.

Download and install google Play Store to your mobile phone

Download the latest version of Play Store

Sometimes Chinese cellphones are cheaper than the western ones, and sometimes with better specs in a low price than the ones that aren’t even new, but way older; and people purchase them if they have the opportunity. Those are the pros, but it also has its cons, and it doesn’t come with Play store installed and have to put it yourself.

Why is that so? One problem might be because those ones are rooted (when you root a phone (allows the phone to have superuser permissions, so you can change system things at will), it google doesn’t allow you to have their apps (Hangouts, Google maps, Google play store, of course, and so) or simply it isn’t certificated by google and can’t install it the “legal” way, if you know what I mean.

Having said all that, I’m going to teach you how to download Play store for your cellphone, if some of the weird cases mentioned before happened and you can’t update or even install it, in some simple steps, just read and pay attention.

This guide might be very similar to the one made for android, and it’s because you have to do the same things to install it, and can’t change the steps, yet for art and redaction’s sake I will change some words, so it doesn’t look kind of like a rip-off from another page that’s actually the same one.

Here are 3 cases, and those are:

1st – If your phone is 2.3 or above and has Google’s certification

2nd – If your phone is 2.3 or above and doesn’t have Google’s certification

3rd – If your phone is below 2.3

Steps for downloading and installing the app

First of all, download the apk to your pc, please.

The first case: if your android mobile has Google’s certification

  1. Go to Settings, then security, and check the option that says “Allow to install apps from unidentified developer”
  2. Download the app to your pc, if you didn’t before (or if you want to and you’re lazy as I am, use your phone’s browser).
  3. Upload the app to your phone, via Wi-Fi or USB.
  4. Open the file explorer you have installed or the phone’s (if you don’t have one, download the one called File transfer) and look for the folder where you downloaded it.
  5. Open it, and follow the instructions it shows. If it’s your first time installing like this, read them well please (It will tell you that it will overwrite an OS app, just tap OK and that’s it).
  6. Now you have installed it, enjoy!

The 2nd case: if you have your android mobile without the digital certification

If you have a clone, or a Chinese phone, as I mentioned at the beginning, follow these steps:

  1. Open the start menu, then go to settings, and tap the very last option to check which is the version, if it has an actual one, no problem.
  2. Repeat the first case, step by step.

The 3rd case: If your android mobile’s version is older than 2.3

  1. Look for the last version of the Android Market, or the 2.3.6 (first check the option “allow apps from an unidentified developer”)
  2. If your phone is rooted, download it from the cwm recovery using the commando: install from Sd Card ( reboot your phone and that’s it! You won’t have Play Store, but still can download as much apps as you wish!

Download the latest version of Play Store

Well, that was all for the article I hope you enjoy the apps you’ll download to your phone as much as I do, but don’t overdo it.

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