Play Store Download for Android

Play Store Download for Android. What happens if you have a Smartphone or a Tablet, but it doesn’t have Google’s permission to install it? If that’s your rare case, well here’s a way to install this Store the hard way (well, not that hard, but not as easy as it is having it when you buy your device).

When something weird as this happens may be because google itself didn’t allow its official apps (such as Hangout, Google now, Gmail, Google News, and of course, Play Store) to be installed in the device you have.

It’s very strange, but believe me, happens a lot, like when you have a Chinese phone, clone, or even a rooted (when a phone, tablet or device has superuser permissions, and can change system things and install or uninstall ROMs) one.

Download the latest version of Play Store

Most of you people know the pros of having Google Play in your phone, but in case you don’t know them, I’ll repeat them, so pay attention and read well: You can download thousands of apps like managers and music players, games, books, music, movies, social networks, instant messaging like WhatsApp Messenger, Line, Telegram and Snapchat that you can enjoy from an android device. It has free apps, some of them are paid, and some of the games have some in-app purchases. The 2nd best of it is that almost all of the apps are secure, and are virus free, though I don’t imply that all of them are, I haven’t downloaded them all.

Google Play Store for Android
Google Play Store for Android.

Having said all that, I’m going to teach you how to download Play store for your android phone, if some of the weird cases mentioned before happened and you can’t update or even install it, in some simple steps, just read and pay attention.


It just starts with checking the version of our mobile device, whether it is a tablet or a phone (go to settings, and slide down till the list gets stuck and the very last option is called “About device” tap that one) If you see that your android version is 2.3 or superior, well, you won’t have any problems, because you can download Google Play store and just install the app, and that’s it, because the interface is interactive and simple. Buuut, if you have the awful problem of having an older version than the 2.3, then you won’t be able to install it. Why? Because Google play Store didn’t exist at that time, it was called Android Market, and was installed on those phones by default. But let’s be optimist mates, if your phone is allowed to have the store installed.

Steps for downloading and installing the app

First of all, download the apk to your pc, please.

The first case: if your android has Google’s certification

  1. Go to Settings, then security, and check the option that says “Allow to install apps from unidentified developer”
  2. Download the app to your pc, if you didn’t before (or if you want to, use your phone’s browser).
  3. Send the app to your phone, by Wi-Fi or USB.
  4. Open the file explorer you have installed or the phone’s (if you don’t have one, download the one called File transfer) and look for the folder where you downloaded it.
  5. Open it, and follow the instructions (It will tell you that it will overwrite an OS app, just tap OK and that’s it).
  6. Now you have installed it, enjoy!

The 2nd case: if you have your android phone without the digital certification.

If you have a clone, or a Chinese phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings, and tap the very last option to check which is the version, if it has an actual one, no problem.
  2. Repeat the first case.

The 3rd case: If your android version is older than 2.3

  1. Look for the last version of the Android Market, or the 2.3.6 (first check the option “allow apps from an unidentified developer”)
  2. If you are rooted, download it from the cwm recovery using the commando: install from Sd Card ( reboot your phone and that’s it! You can download as much apps as you wish!
  3. Download the latest version of Play Store

Hope this worked for you, and enjoy your apps installed by Google Play!

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