How to install Play Store

Many times our mobile devices, for whatever reason, do not have this application installed. So if you’re looking for ways to download Play store on an Android device, this in the right place. The common thing is that when you buy an Android device that already come with the installed application, but can be that is not installed, for whatever reason.

Therefore, we will provide a tutorial on how to download and install Play Store walkthrough for an Android device.

Step by step how to install Play Store.

Before installing the application must download the APP.

Once we have the Play Store application downloaded, we will head to Settings. Inside adjustment must seek the Applications option and enable Unknown Sources section. If your case is that you have a device with Android Jelly Bean, the first thing you have to do is go to Settings, then select Security from and enable Unknown sources.
Once you have completed the above steps we will download and install the APK Play Store v10.5.10 (or any other version, it will depend on if you want a newer version or old). Once you have downloaded the APK you need to connect your mobile device or tablet to your computer via USB. When connected’ll have to copy the downloaded file. It is best to put it on the SD card.
Android device from the computer is disconnected.
Once disconnected have to go to file explorer and from there enter the contents of the SD card. When we found the APK application, we will install it on your device.

Chances are they notice that we are overwriting the application in the operating system appears. We will give to accept.
Conversely, if you’re browsing with your device you only have to download the APK, when the download is complete you will have to go to the notification bar and install the APK smoothly.
By spending a few seconds you will see that the application is installed correctly, and you can enjoy Play Store on your Android device.

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How to install Play Store
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