Do you want to know how to download Play Store? If you realize that, somehow, your mobile, tablet or computer do not have this Google application installed, this might be the first question it comes to your mind. But don’t worry, you will get all the information you need in this post and you will know exactly how to download and install Play Store.

Most of the devices come with the Play Store APP installed by default, but if this is not your case or, if for any reason, the app has been uninstalled, I’m going to show you in a very easy and fast way, all the necessary steps to download Play Store on your phone or other devices.


Android is part of our lives, this is the most popular operating system all over the occidental world, due to its endless benefits which enhance or add functionalities to our mobile phones. One of the most solid pillar of this system is Google digital store, better known as Play Store. The merger between these two giants dethroned the empire that Apple Store would have established in the App market. Achieving it is worthy of all admiration.

Anyone who has a mobile device that uses Android operating system, knows exactly what Play Store is, or at least, he/she has heard of it. Having this application means having access to millions of applications available on Google digital store: it’s like a window to the world of cutting-edge technology applied to smartphones.

We can also say that Android would not be the same without Play Store, because, thanks to it, we can get all the applications and updates that have taken mobile devices to a higher level. Therefore, we need this tool to get the most out of our smartphone. Let’s see the steps to download Google Play Store.


Downloading the largest application store for Android is a very simple process, just follow some steps. Let’s begin!

  • First step: verify not to have the application.
    If you are dealing with a new phone and you are not familiarized with it, please take your time to check if it comes with this application installed by defalut. Do not panic without first checking the panel of available applications.
  • Second step: locate the .APK file of the application.
    Everything starts here. The .APK file is a sort of identity code that Android uses to guarantee the compatibility of applications with any device that uses this operating system.
    Where do I get the Play Store .APK file? Well, there are so many available pages that offer it, but I think APK Mirror is the safest one. This website has earned the trust of millions thanks to the guarantees you have regarding security and the permanent updates of applications. To get the file, just access this page, type “Play Store” in the search bar, select the latest version (it appears with the update date) and click on «download».
    Even if it’s easy, this is a fundamental step to safely download Play Store, otherwise, you could get an older version or be victim of some virus. Therefore, we reccomend going through this process manually and not directly type it in the Google search bar where you will get thousands of results and not all of them are reliable.
  • Third step: install Play Store on the mobile phone
    Once you’ve downloaded the .APK file, you need to carry out its installation. Before this, you may have to make some changes to the security settings of the phone, otherwise it will not allow an App from an unofficial website to be installed. So, go to the Settings panel, Security and activate the icon of unknown origins.
    Last thing to do is run the .APK file and wait for it to install.
  • Fourth (and last) step: activate the Play Store App
    This last phase is extreamly easy. When you open the application, you first need to activate it, to do so, just enter your Google account, for example your Gmail account and that’s it! You now have Play Store App for Android.


There are many reasons about this failure on our smartphone or tablet. It usually occurs when we format a mobile device, therefore, we need to install everything again. It may also be a system error that uninstall the application automatically.
There’s a third reason and it happens when you buy a Chinese brand phone, since this country is prohibited from using Google since 2009.
No matter what the causes are, because after reading this post, you will know how to download, install and activate Play Store in a few minutes.


There are several possibilities to use it, but so far there is no presentation that can be used natively for Windows and everything seems to indicate that this is not possible in the short or medium term. To use it on a computer, you need to download an emulator that allows you to use Android on your pc. One of the most known is Bluestacks, a secure and optimized emulator that allows to download Android applications.


Applications are the heart of every smartphone. Nowadays there is an application for anything we can imagine and this is one of the reasons why phones are more and more useful in the modern world. When downloading any App, we might also be victims of any kind of virus that may damage our device. Therefore, it’s very important to count with a good website that downloads applications in a reliable way. Play Store is surely the website that meets all the security conditions and requirements. Moreover, it has the invaluable virtue of offering everything you can imagine in terms of applications and always with the latest updates. Definitely: thanks, Play Store.