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Free up space on your Smartphone with Google Files

Not having storage space available on our mobile phone is one of the worries we have experienced once, so today we will teach you how to download Google Files, the best app to manage the files on our device.

The functions given by our mobile phones are plenty and often we do not care about the storage capacity: it is always low. The best alternative to overcome this situation is not buying a phone with more memory, but better organize the storage we have. Today I want to show you this app to free up the phone memory of all those files that limit its functioning. I’m talking about Google Files App.

This is one of the post popular app in the Play Store and you can download it in a few steps. Installing Google Files for Smartphones is a very simple and practical process. If you want to learn all the functions of this app, right away we will show you what you need to know to take the maximum advantage.

What is Google Files?

Google Files App has been developed especially to organize the storage space of our device in a smart way. Moreover, it has special functions to secure the data that we store in the Smartphone and allows us to share files when we do not have an internet connection.

How does Google Files work?

Google Files has a smart interface that analyze the storage of our smartphone to detect and definitely delete the files. Its main function is to keep us updated about the status of the apps installed in the device’s memory.


If you are one of those who check the info before deleting it, you have the option to see what are the files that the app suggests you to delete. After seeing all of them, you just have to confirm and delete to clean your device from unnecessary files. This is undoubtedly one of the most useful Apps you can download to improve the experience on your mobile phone.

Why use Google Files?

Besides keeping free space on the mobile phone’s memory, this app has many functions of which we do not take much advantage but are very useful. Now we will show what you can do on your device when downloading Google Files for free.

– It detects junk files smartly:
We all have Apps and files on our mobile phones that we never use, these are called “junk files” since they just occupy memory uselessly. The Files interface is responsible for identifying this type of files in order to free storage on our device and have free space and guarantees its correct performance.

It also detects duplicate files through a check on the size and date of them in order to suggest a list of identical copies that can be deleted.

– It sends a warning signal about the memory status
Thanks to its permanent scanning activity, this app keeps us informed in real time about the memory status of our mobile. It constantly checks how much free space is left in the device’s internal storage and helps us to transfer the files to the SD Card.

– Allows sharing files offline
A great option of the last update of Google Files App is the chance of sharing files without having an internet connection. Thanks to this function, we can send files to our friends quickly and without an internet connection, we just connect our mobile phone with another with the same app and we can share all we want: pictures, documents, music and videos.
This function is fast and free but also helps us to save internet data.

– Creates backups of your files
An excellent alternative to free up storage on the mobile phone without deleting worthy files is creating a backup, this app allows us to upload files to Google Drive safely, rapidly and easily. Save your files forever thanks to this function, storage your videos, pictures and documents in Google Drive.

How much space does Google Files use?


It would be an unforgivable contraction that an App to free space on the phone itself occups much storage on the device. Therefore, if you worry about the size of Google Files you can relax. Its latest version is of only 11MB to give you a better management of the files without wasting your device memory.
This version is compatible with Android 5.0 and other more updated versions. In addition, even though it’s an app developed by Google, it is safe for the protection of your privacy and for the files you save on the device.

How to download Google Files for free?

After reading this post, we are sure that you do not have any doubt about how relevant it is to rely on this tool to protect the good functioning of your mobile phone. Keep in mind that your smartphone deserves to be pampered and receive adequate maintenance in order to be your loyal friend.

To download Google File for free, you need to have access to the Play Store and follow the steps that the store suggests in order to install it on the phone, and in few minutes you will be enjoying its benefits. Your phone will thank you.

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