Fortnite tricks to reach the victory

Regardless of whether you are someone who is just making incursions as a Fortnite player or you already have time playing it, if so far you have found it difficult to make your character arrive alive at the end of the game then, you are probably interested in learning some Fortnite tricks that will ensure victory in the game.

If so, you’ve come to the right article because here you’ll discover the Fortnite tricks that will help you improve your performance and eradicate once and for all those mistakes that have kept you away from winning.

Land in safe zones

Among the tricks of Fortnite, this is one of the most key to win the game, because if you want to reach the end of these the best thing to start the game is to land in safe areas when you throw yourself from the battle bus.

For this reason, you must avoid falling into big cities and focus on areas with few structures.

Leverages supplies

During the course of the game regularly concentrate your attention to the sky in order to stay alert to the fall of a load of provisions, collecting everything that is launched from the balloons, but taking precautions to approach the point where they are supplies, keeping aware of the presence of other players who are also going in the same direction.

Along with this, you must also pay attention to the flames as they can contain extra provisions when you open them without losing the opportunity to collect all those items that your enemies release at the time of defeating them.

Take care of your health

Maintaining the integrity of your character is an important part of Fortnite tricks to ensure that you can stay on your feet until the end of the game.

For this reason, it’s appropriate to use first aid kits, eat apples that you find on the ground, as well as to light bonfires to favor the recovery of energies of your character. Finally, remember to equip yourself with a shield to increase your resistance to enemy fire.

Collects materials

Continuing with the Fortnite tricks of collecting materials is one that will contribute to your goal of winning the game.

When you move around the battlefield make sure your character has a pickaxe ready to remove materials from trees or vehicles,

as this will allow you to have the resources you need when building a shelter to entrench yourself from the shots coming from your enemies.

You can also build walls and walkways, either to escape from an enemy or propitiate a direct encounter with him.

Find the best position

Your position on the map will determine your survival in Fortnite so always make sure to maintain a high position on the stage where you are building ramps whenever the situation requires, in order to have a better view of your enemies and anticipate a strategy that puts you at an advantage against them.

Set traps

The traps are part of Fortnite’s tricks to get the victory in the game, since, placed in the right place, they will cause instant death to your enemies as they pass through them.

Be sure to place them in busy buildings as well as on ceilings and walls when passing a corner so that they go unnoticed and your enemies can’t avoid them.

Use grenades

In situations where you are facing a rival who is hiding and you find it difficult to access his hideout because of the risk you have to shoot you, throw a grenade to force him out.

Even if this resource doesn’t finish totally with it, it will be very useful to make your enemy be exposed in front of you and you can hunt him.

Keep moving

Even if you consider that this Fortnite trick could harm you, the truth is that being in motion is an action that will guarantee your continuity until the end of the game and not just because the storm is a main reason to do it.

Along with this is also the reason that by remaining immobile for a long time at the same point you become an easy prey for your enemies who will not hesitate to take advantage of this to corner you until you cause a certain death.

For this reason, it is vital that you keep as much movement as possible by moving along the map.

Use vehicles

Taking into consideration the vast space present on the map of Fortnite take a vehicle will be an excellent option to move in it.

Also, if you decide to participate in duos, remember that in the shopping cart can travel two players or, if you play in squad mode, you can have the ability to drive off-road vehicles to move around the map at high speed the 4 characters at once.

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