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In this article, I want to talk about the most chic social network that exists. I say that because it seems to me that it has the higher aesthetic value, not only for taking care of the details, but also for its shiny interface. If you want to know everything about Instagram, its concept and main features, here you will discover everything.

It is considered the most addictive social network of all, those who begin to use it can hardly get rid of it during the day. The addiction is so big that a community has born and its members are called instagrammers. For this and much more, you cannot be surprised to know that it is one of the most downloaded app of the most prestigious mobile application stores.

Instagram’s key

You do not need to be an expert in web development or social networks to know that in order to spread information the pictures have a bigger impact than texts. By nature, the human being is made to be easily attracted by graphic content.


This human condition has been exploited to the maximum, refining and taking to an unusual level the use of visual content in social networks. In this regard, it offers a wide range of functions, so that sharing photos on Instagram is an out of the ordinary experience.

What is Instagram?

See, the billion-dollar question. To get closer to its definition, we have to answer to another question: What does Instagram mean?

The name carries with it a little of nostalgia for the past. It comes from the combination of two terms: the word “Insta” that refers to “istantaneous” photos, a type of photos taken with old but gold Polaroid cameras (hence the image of the camera on the logo); on the other hand, the word “Gram” refers to the word “telegram”, one of the first effective tools for sharing information.

In few words, its meaning would be: share visual content instantly. In a more modern dialect, we can define it as a digital platform through which you can take photos, improve those using filters and share them on it or on other social networks, such as Facebook or Flickr.

How does it work?

This platform, just like other famous social networks do, meets the holy principle of usability. It is obvious that the easier it will be to use, the higher number of followers it will have.


If you do not know how to use Instagram yet, you will be surprised to know how much easy it is. I will explain it in four steps:

  1. First thing first, you need to download the App. If you want to download Instagram for Android you must use Play Store, while if you want the App for iPhone you must do it through App Store 
  2. Once installed the app, open it and create your profile.
  3. Take a photo or record a video with your mobile phone camera or if you want you can choose a photo from your gallery. Upload it and apply a filter to make it unique and professional. This is the main feature of the app: the great quality of the filters grant a delightful appearance.

  4. Once done it, you just have to share the picture on Instagram or on other social networks.

Why use Instagram App?

Differently from other social networks, this app has born to be used on mobile devices but later a version of Instagram for PC has been created, all its advantage can be taken by using it on the smartphones.

The app is compatible with the most of operative systems and in all of them, it has become one of the must-have app. Below, I will leave the most important features that have made it one of the most important mobile apps today.

It is free 

Having the possibility to download Instagram for free is one of the strengths of this company.
Just enter the App store and start enjoying its functions.

High Quality content 

At the beginning we have said that it is an app with better aesthetic sense and it isn’t casual, but it’s one of its main features. To reach it, every day its multiple functions are refined and new features are added in order to guarantee the quality of everything that is shared.

Guarantees the visibility of your contents 

It is useless to have the most professional photos or video if they can’t circulate on the net. Thanks to the high number of users, there is the chance to view contents infinite times, but of course, all depends on how you manage your account.

Enhances other apps of your mobile 

Every social network offers services that make it unique and even though everyone can have a favorite one, we can’t have just one app. Somehow they are complementary with each other. Another strength is the possibility to share content created with this app on other installed apps. We have not told you this but Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram belong to the same company and therefore the compatibility between these giants is wonderful.


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