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How to uninstall apps from your devices

How to uninstall apps from Android devices.

– Access “Settings” and click on “Applications” or “Applications Manager”.
– Use the tab “downloads” and click on the applications you would like to remove from your devices.
– Click on “uninstall” and the app you wanted to remove will disappear automatically.

How to uninstall apps from iOs devices.

– Unlock your phone and stay on the main screen.
– Press the application icon you want to remove.
– After some seconds, the app you are pressing will start to vibrate. Then, an “X” symbol will appear on the upper right of your screen.
– Click on the “X” and the app will start uninstalling.

How to uninstall apps from Windows Phones.

– Access the applications list of your phone and look for the app you would like to remove.
– Press the app for some seconds and an additional menu will appear.
– Once the new menu has appeared, click on “uninstall”.
– Accept the action and the app will uninstall automatically.