Download WhatsApp for iOS

Beyond sending text, WhatsApp is an application with functions that give versatility to this application, since in it users can also have the opportunity to share images, audio and video as part of the communication process carried out there.

Along with this, WhatsApp also has the advantage of being an application designed to work on all types of devices and systems, including Linux.

However, on this occasion the following paragraphs will focus on explaining how to download WhatsApp in iOS, so that all users of devices with this system can give their conversations dynamism and fun.

Steps to download WhatsApp at iOS

  1. The process begins with a search for the application by entering the App Store, Apple’s official app store.
  2. Once there, enter the word WhatsApp in the search bar and click on the magnifying glass icon to start browsing the store in search of the application.
  3. As soon as the desired result is generated and you see the application icon, click on the Get button next to it to download the application to your iOS device.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password as prompted by the application. If you have previously entered your Apple ID account information when you enter the App Store, you will no longer need to do so when you use the application.
  5. Wait a few minutes until the download is complete and then click on the Open button next to the WhatsApp icon in the App Store.

Doing so will open the application and allow you to proceed with configuring the service.

  1. Click OK or Don’t allow in response to pop-up windows corresponding to questions about whether you agree to the application accessing your contact list and whether or not you want WhatsApp to send you notifications.
  2. Then click on the Agree & continue button to advance to the next step where you will need to enter your phone number.
  3. After doing this, click on the Done button. Then click on the Yes button when it appears.
  4. WhatsApp will then send you a confirmation code to your device’s message box. In case you can’t receive it click on the Call me button to receive the code through a phone call.
  5. After you have inserted the code correctly in the corresponding box WhatsApp will allow you to continue towards the personalization of your profile.
  6. Then, click on the text field that says Your name and enter your name. At this stage you can add a profile picture.

Here you can also have the opportunity to restore your chat history by clicking on the Restore button at the top right of your iOS device’s screen, although for it to work you must have used the service before.

Finally, to conclude the basic configuration options, click on the Done button. You are ready to start using WhatsApp on your device.

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