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While professional audio editing has been a labour that have come developing since a long time ago, it was only carried out by experts in the use of specialized software tools, most of which have complex options for others to use and understand.

However, since the appearance of podcasts and Tube videos, more and more users decide to use this type of editing and audio recording tools, whether to carry out a personal or professional project.

This is where Audacity comes in, an audio recording and editing software with functions that will allow you to manage your audio files and apply a lot of effects on them.

Through the following paragraphs you will get a basic understanding of what this tool is like, as well as the features that make it an essential and very useful software.

What is Audacity?

Audacity refers to free open source software consisting of tools and functions that give the user everything they need to record and edit audio from their computer.

What is Audacity for?

Among the many tasks you can perform with Audacity for audio management is to create ringtones, get audio from tapes and discs by transferring them to the computer or to a CD, work with a recording by dividing it into tracks, record live audio, among others.

Audacity Features

Within the attributes that Audacity has for the recording and management of audio, these are the ones that stand out:


Audacity’s functions allow you to record live sounds using a microphone or mixer, as well as to extract audio from older media such as cassette, vinyl records or minidisc.

With Audacity it is also possible to stream audio through the use of a sound card integrated in the PC, a necessary element to allow this function to be carried out.

Import and export

Through Audacity you will be able to import audio files in WAV, AIFF, AU as well as to export audio in MP3 formats, being supported under the installation of a library called LAME.

Due to its proprietary or restricted character Audacity does not support the use of files in WMA and AAC format.


Audacity’s editing tools give you the opportunity to perform simple tasks on your audio files such as cutting, pasting, copying and deleting, complemented by unlimited redo and undo.

Audacity also allows you to add an unlimited number of tracks to combine in a single edition.

Audacity has a drawing tool that you can use to modify individual samples, as well as the Envelope tool to dissolve sound.


Within the range of effects that Audacity has to apply to the audio is the possibility of changing the tone without affecting the tempo and vice versa, cancellation of static noises, whistles or any other background sound from the audio recording source.

Along with this, Audacity also has functions to alter equalization frequencies, presence of FFT filters, amplifiers for bass, as well as options to adjust the volume using the compressor.

Sound quality

Audacity’s options allow you to record and edit audio samples in ranges of 16, 24 and 32 bits with a maximum of 96 KHz for recordings.

Thanks to the sophisticated processes generated by Audacity’s options, sample rates and formats are treated under the highest standards to obtain a high-quality final product.

Audacity’s options are robust enough to allow the mixing of tracks of different sample rates and formats, performing the conversion process automatically and in real time.

How to download Audacity free

For detailed information about how to download Audacity for free on the different operating systems you can visit the following links.

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