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Aptoide app is an alternative application store that is very similar to Google Play, that can be used for android. One of the most important aspects about Aptoide app is that it doesn’t require any kind of registration and its 300,000 apps and updates install almost instantly, whenever you need them. Moreover, it has a really comfortable and well designed Rollback function that allows you to return at any time to the old versions of your favorite apps.

Aptoide is more than a store, it’s a store of stores, where any user can create his or her own application store, filtered using defined categories. You can find everything you want and need from specific stores for certain cell phone brands and models to stores with independent games and wallpapers.

The apps download and install directly from Aptoide, which also manages updates. If you’re not satisfied with an app after it’s been updated, you can use the rollback function to return to an earlier version or you can even uninstall that app completely. You must know that you won’t ever need to go through the Google Play Store.


In Aptoide there is also a site for apps with adult content. The visibility of this adult content can be controlled from the settings. Unfortunately, the lack of parental controls or options for multiple users as weel as the fact that Aptoide suspends security measures and content control, make it indeed a poor choice for devices accessible by younger users, so keep that in mind when you decide to use it.

Also, it is as easy to use as the official store. This is due to the fact that Aptoide makes it easy to download and manage installed apps. The download speed is very similar to that of the Google Play, and managing earlier versions through rollback is intuitive. If somebody wants to download apps without going through Google, or if he or she needs an application store for a phone that doesn’t support Play, Aptoide is a really good and suitable solution for everyone due to its quality as well as due to the number of apps included in it.

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