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Create magic videos with Likee

One of the most important contributions of the smartphone is the high variety of entertainment, especially with tools that stimulate the creativity of young people. In that sense, here you can find all the information that you need about one of the applications that has caused the most stir on the net and represents a before and after for video lovers. I will tell you all about Likee, what it is and how it works.

If you want to know all the creative possibilities that you can obtain through the mobile app Likee, you are in the right site because we have looked for every function it has in order to provide you with the most precise information and thus enhance your qualities as a generator of the multimedia content.
Indeed, making videos with Likee will improve your influencer experience.

What is Likee App?

It is defined as an application to design and produce audiovisual content that allows sharing them with friends, nets and especially on your own platform where there are the best creators in the world.


Likee App for videos aim to offer its users the facility to produce and edit videos thanks to the multiple options it contains, and that can be executed with a simple selection. Moreover, you can access its explorer to find more original and practical content that allows you to enjoy both creative experiences and worthy information for your daily activities.

We are in front of the best mobile app for creating videos today, which promotes the best content according to its originality and relevance.

How does Likee App work?

By downloading Likee on your mobile, you will be able to edit existing videos as well as create them, which allows you to obtain completely original content using different effects in order to have an attractive and fun final product, ready to be shared on the net.

In order to guarantee its correct functioning, Android version 4.1 or updated version is required. Its quality is guaranteed thanks to BIGO Technology PTR LTD, which relies on community’s recognition thanks to different prizes obtained for the excellence of their products.

The benefits of using Likee

– Unlimited creative process 

Through this videos App, you can stimulate the creative spirit of the users without owning top quality cinematographic teams, since the app has the necessary tools. It is the ideal opportunity to reach an entertainment to develop creativity.
Additionally, you have to take into account the high versatility of this platform to work on any kind of thematic genre and the user-friendly functions, which allows its use from an early age.

–  Variety of available effects

Among the most popular and existing effects in the catalogue for creating videos on Likee, there is the makeup and microsurgery function, useful to highlight or correct details and refine the product. It is also possible to apply a large number of emoji and stickers in order to characterize each image according to the preference of the editor, who can personalize his images splendidly.

If you want to create a full fiction video, you can easily rely on super-power options, hair dyes or magic in 4D. In the same way, you can execute Supreme option, which increases the playback speed and. make a bunch of pictures into a video through FaceMagic, as well as Video Dubbing in which you can directly interfere in the most successful movies on the market.

–  “Search” Option

This innovation makes it possible to contract any member of the community who is near your place. In this way, you can share your preferences and creative projects in the near future.

–  A luxury audience

The Likee magic videos community is the right place to share every new project reaching billions of people who enjoy your audiovisual products, becoming a reference for networks. In this community, you will find new worldwide proposals and trends.

The best of Likee App

There are many qualities that this editor has, however one of its best features is the possibility to create truly authentic content, since each available effect has a genuine identity useful for the user to explore all the creative option and overcome the common design. This condition is enhanced when offering the option to record completely original materials.


On the other hand, if music is your passion, by using magic music filters you can create videos with effects that goes with the rhythm, causing an incredible impact on every production. This app is the highest expression of creative entertainment and every Likee video is the result of imagination and learning, everything you want in one place.

How to download Likee

It is an easy procedure because it only requires entering the Play Store or App Store and download Likee for free. It is an impressive benefit to stimulate creativity and imagination with a high quality product without wasting money.

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