If you want to download Play Store, but you don’t know how to do it, this is about to change.
We have prepared you a guide to download Play Store on your smartphone, tablet and PC for free. Moreover, we have included all the links to get the latest and updated version of Play Store for each device. After reading this post, you will see how easy it is to download and install Google Play Store.

One of the key issues that explains the rise of these devices, has been the development of the App, which have become fundamental allies to perform thousands of tasks through such devices. And you should know that the Google Play Store, better known as Play Store, is the gateway to the App universe. That is why this website is focused on offering everything you need to know about how to download Play Store.


Our goal is to tell you everything you need, that’s why we begin this post defining what Play Store is and how it works.

It’s the Android application store: the biggest, most complete and most famous one. Launched in 2008, it hasn’t been stopping growing since then and, if we reflect about it, it can’t be otherwise, since it is supported by an agreement between Google and Android, two technology titans of our time.

Thanks to it, users can access almost three millions Android mobile applications developed by both most prestigious companies and developers from all over the world. There are free or paid applications, but they all count with certifications and the necessary reliability.


The majority of the devices we use, count with an Android operating system. They come with a default application already installed.


However, you could have bought a Chinese device which, in spite of counting with an Android operating system, it does not have Play Store installed, due to the governmental restrictions that do not allow the company to use Google. It can also happen that for some reason (system failure or formatting) the application disappears from your Android.

In both cases, you have to download and install Play Store if you don’t want to miss the advantages of your smartphone or tablet. First thing you need to do is download the .APK file which contains the application. You can download it from different pages. If you want a complete guide about how to install Play Store on your mobile devices, please go to (Download Play Store for smartphone o Download Play Store on Tablet).


Downloading  Google Play on PC is a different process from that of the smartphone or tablet, because the operating system is not Android. However, the world of current technology has a solution, and this is no exception.

Although our PC works with a different software, nobody wants to miss the advantages of the fabulous Android applications world. So, what to do? It’s easy: enable our PC to operate as an Android device. To do this, we need to use Android emulators, that means, provide the pc with a mechanism which is not part of its configuration, that allows it to function as if it had this operating system.

You can get emulators from different pages, but we reccomend you two of them, which we think they are the most effective and reliable: BlueStacks and Memu. Once you have one of them downloaded, it is as if you had a smartphone on your PC and through it you can enter the Play Store application, download or update all the applications you need.
We reccomend you our post Download Play Store for PC, to learn this process step by step.


We have promised you a complete guide, that’s why we will also explain how to update Play Store.  Well, while downloading the application is required only in specific cases, the Play Store update applies to everyone who has an Android device.

To do so, you can use Google Play Store, but if you want to be sure you are installing the latest Play Store version, then we reccomend using the APK Mirror website, where you will certainly find the latest update. If you choose this option, then you need to access the website, download the Play Store APK file and run it to carry out the update.

It is important, before doing all this process, to make sure if your device really needs the update. Take a look at our post Update Play Store for free, fast and easy to get all the details about this process.


We would like to end this post with a typical movie sentence. We are not doing it to look like movie experts, we are doing it to express an absolute truth. The vitality of this operating system lies on its ability to permanently reinvent itself, so, it would be an unforgivable sin not to use Play Store or have an outdated version of it.

Have you ever wonder how our lives without mobile devices would be? I can’t even imagine it. And you? The development of technology has reached every area of our daily lives and phones, tablets or PCs are perhaps the most eloquent sample of that reality. And fortunately, this will continue to be so and with increasing benefits. In order to enjoy them, it is necessary to download Play Store for Android, since everything starts from here.