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9Apps: Install Android apps quickly and for free

Currently to download an application, depending on the operating system that runs our device, we have available a specialized store to search and get the app we need.

However, despite all the functionalities and sophistication, these stores do not have included in their catalog music files, videos or images to download, having this option only for applications.

But with 9Apps this has changed, since, through this store, you will have the opportunity to download both applications and multimedia files of all kinds.

Find out what it’s all about and what the most important features are that you can take advantage of for your device.

What is 9Apps?

9Apps is an online app store with a user interface similar to Google Play, in which you can have the opportunity to find a variety of apps and features for free download related to music, videos and other multimedia content, in whose use you will notice the benefits you get, in contrast to other conventional app stores.

Added to this, 9Apps has a user base of more than 100 million, on whose platform the applications are distributed thanks to the joint effort made by UCWeb and the Alibaba group.

9Apps Features

Among the highlights of 9Apps operation are the following:

  1. Specific in the right measure

Although the number of applications present in 9Apps is not very numerous, they are appropriate in terms of the variety of functionalities offered.

  1. 2 Secure

Each of the applications in the 9Apps catalog has been developed to perform its function without running suspicious background activity on your device, which eliminates the risk of installing misleading or malware-containing applications.

  1. 3 Versatile

Diversity is an attribute present in 9Apps because it not only has applications to download, but also makes this option available for movies, books, videos, music and others.

  1. 4 Premium Applications

Unlike conventional app stores that offer the use of applications in exchange for a previous payment in 9Apps you will find some of these applications available for download for free.

  1. 5 Price Comparison

Another outstanding feature of 9Apps is that, in addition, it incorporates a function that allows comparative analysis of prices for a particular product sold in different online stores which will avoid the need to enter each of them to know its value.

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