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If you want to download Play Store on your tablet, you are in the right place. These intelligent devices make your life easier, you use them on a daily basis both at work or at home, that’s why you would like to improve their functions and increase the number of the applications you might need.

The majority of these devices work with an Android operating system, which makes the Play Store installation for tablets easier. We’ll show you a few simple steps to download the application store on your Android device.

How to download Play Store on your tablet

Tablets are the second most used devices in the world, after smartphones. There are so many brands, designs and models, but the majority of them work with an Android operating system. We can also find tablets with iOS or other operating systems.


In many cases, our device may be rooted and not have the option to access the Google application store, therefore, we will explain you how to free download Play Store on your Tablet without hiring a specialist in mobile applications.

In concrete, if your tablet does not have the Google application store installed, in just a few simple steps you can download it and have access to all the applications available, as follow:

1. Download the Play Store APK

First of all, we need to explain what an APK is: it means Android Application Package. It’s an executable extension file for the Android operating system. You can download it from many different platforms, however, we recommend you to use the APK Mirror or Uptodown website, which offer certified versions by Google, and therefore, they are safer.

Once you decide which one to use, select the APK you are looking for, in this case the Play Store for Google Android devices one.

2. Allow the APK on your tablet

After download the APK file on your tablet you must allow the APK to run on your device, to do so, you need to access the settings and allow the file to self-install on your tablet. In concrete, you have to access to your Tablet settings and look for the “Unknown Origins” section to activate it and unlock the installation of the APK.

3. Install the APK

Finally, you just have to locate the file on the main screen of your Tablet and open it. The application will begin to install itself and in a few minutes you will have available more than one million mobile applications for you.

In case the process to download Play Store on tablet fails, you can repeat the procedure. This almost never happens, but if you have problems installing this application on your device, you can follow our instructions again. In case you want to download and use Play Store in Android the procedure is identical.

Advice for a free Play Store installation on your tablet

Like any process to install applications on Android devices, you must take into account a series of recommendations for the security of your data and the integrity of your device.

Nowadays, there are endless pirate imitations of applications that destroy the device software or can steal the data of its users. If you want to download Play Store for Tablet in a safe way, follow our next advices:

Use safe platforms

Device and data security are one of the users’ concerns when installing free Google Play on their devices. You can find many websites offering free APK download; however, we cannot be sure about their origins and reliability. APK Mirror and Uptodown are the safest options you can opt in to avoid any risk. These platforms offer authenticated files and have an updated application file to install the newest versions of the Android app store.

Verify the APK authenticity

Before choosing your Play Store APK, please make sure that the file has been signed by Google. This will give you a greater security when installing an app on your tablet. Take the time to verify if it’s a reliable file in order to avoid any virus that may affect your device and keep your information protected.

Download your applications only on Google Play Store

As you already know, the download of applications from other platforms or digital stores may be dangerous for your device and its data. That is why Play Store is the right place to do so, since its applications are certified and verified by Google. Google is strict and meticulous with its users’ security and that is why it’s a leader company in mobile applications. Its store is the safest option you can choose when downloading programs on the device you are using.

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