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Downloading Play Store for a smartphone is a simple and great task at the same time. It’s simple because it is very easy to do, and great because you are going to get immeasurable benefits.

If you want to know how to free download Google Play on your mobile phone, this post will give you the answer.


Just follow some few steps to enjoy the applications for Android that you need, since downloading Play Store on your mobile opens the doors to millions of applications and updates.

Why to download Google Play on your smartphone?

We are very far from that time when phones were only used to make simple calls and receive messages, or those with basic cameras surprising us with the ability to take photos. Current phones are true machines capable of fulfilling thousands of modern necessities, but such capacity is not a feature of the phones themselves, but comes from the development of apps that have definitely taken cellular technology to unusual levels.

The gateway to get the best Android applications is the application that works as a matrix: the Play Store App. This is the platform that has been created by two giants of current technology, Android and Google, and that opens the possibility for us to enjoy inventions from developers around the world in a reliable way.

Tips to download Play Store on your smartphone for free

This is the most important part of this post and as I promised, I will tell you everything you need to know about the free download of Play Store. It’s a simple process, if you want to update it or just install it.


Installing Play Store on android mobile phones

This operation is the one most used by Android users, because it’s always necessary to have the latest version of Play Store to enjoy all its benefits. Although smartphones usually have the application installed by default, it may be uninstalled, either due to an operational error or because you have reset your mobile.

In both cases, you just need to: access the APK Mirror website, search in the search bar the Google file .APK, which is the supported format by all the Android operating systems. Once you’re done with these two steps, download the file and run it. That’s it! You now have downloaded and installed the latest version.

In addition to this option, if you find this type of installation complicated, you can always choose to download Play Store for PC and use it with an emulator; we recommend you BlueStacks or MEmu.

Downloading Play Store on a Chinese smartphone

If you have just bought a Chinese mobile, it’s possible that it does not have the application pre-installed by default due to the country governmental restrictions that do not allow the use of Google products. But don’t panic, whether you want to download Play Store on a Xiaomi or on other Chinese brands, we have the solution. There are two ways to do it:

  • The first one is using one of the tools offered by these brands, through which you can install the Google application package of your preference. For example, for the Xiaomi brand, you have to access its application store and search for Google Services. You install it and then you can choose through it the Play Store app, download and install it.
  • The second option to download Play Store on your smartphoneis using Play Services Info. In this case, once you’ve downloaded it, it will revise your mobile to verify the status of the Play Store services. If any anomaly is detected, the same system will take you to download the .APK from the Play Storeproceed to download it and then install it.

What can we get in Play Store?

Everything you can imagine about Android applications, you will find it in this store, from videogames and music to the newest apps, books, etc. Beside all these endless possibilities, it will provide you with three important qualities:


The security feature is one of the main reasons why we should install Play Store on the smartphone since, as we know, the web world is not free from bad intentions. When downloading applications from any website page, we are facing so many risks that affect both our personal privacy and the integrity of our device. This is the perfect chance for Internet pirates to reach you and damage you.

The Play Store is recognized worldwide for applying all the necessary security measures to repel any risk. You can be sure that the application of this store count with the necessary and relevant certifications.


We already said that they exist millions of applications available on Play Store and one of the successes of Google has been the way it manages such amount of information, making both the search and the downloading of content a practical and easy experience.

The interface and the design are both oriented in a way that anyone can use Play Store, even if the user have no technical knowledge about the software. All the applications are sorted by category and they count with effective filters to specifically get what we are looking for. In brief, you can’t be lost in Play Store.

Relevant content

The ease of using this app store is also associated with a classification system through which the app acquires positioning according to its ability to meet its users’ needs. There are categories with the most recommended apps and if you have doubts, you can check the opinions of the users of the app of your interest. We think you have enough reasons not to doubt about the advantages of downloading Play Store on your mobile phone.


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