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Is it possible to download Play Store for PC for free? Mobile applications are making our lives easier. These digital tools make our Smartphone a real assistant that solves any kind of everyday problems. However, many of us want to have all its benefits in our computer and to achieve this, we can download the Play Store for PC in a very easy way.

The computers use different OSs, such as Windows, Linux or MacOS, which allow running all its operations. Unfortunately, these operating systems do not allow using Play Store in the same way we do with an Android device. That’s why we need to adapt our computer to access the world of Google Play Store applications. In this post we will show you how doing it in a very simple way.

We will give you all the necessary advices to install the largest application store in the world on your computer.


How to download Play Store on your PC?

This Google digital store provides us with millions of applications, then accessing it using our PC means to have all the applications available in a direct and simple way that only a computer can provide.

The first thing you have to know is that installing Google Play Store on the PC is not the same as doing it on an Android device. The software of a smartphone is totally different from the operating system used by computers. To install this digital store on your computer, you need to make some changes and install emulators that give the computer the ability to develop functions of an Android smartphone.

Now we are going to explain in a simple way all the steps to download Play Store on your PC:

1. Install an emulator

You can find different Android emulators on the Internet which can be used to free install Google Play Store for PC. The most popular ones are BlueStacks and MEmu. These programs have been designed to run the functions of an Android device on the computer.

Both emulators are safe, free and easy to use and they extend the number of functions a computer may develop. After selecting the emulator, download and install it on your computer. The initiation process is very simple.

2. Open the emulator

After installing the emulator, open the icon on the desktop of your PC and access it to run all the functions of a smartphone on your computer. The user interface will be similar to that of a smartphone. There, you will have all the options to run Google’s mobile applications, including Google Play Store.

3. Run Play Store on your PC

The last step is to access Play Store on your PC. The initiation process is the same as the one that runs on a phone, and you have to enter your email account to provide the pertinent personal information to download the Play Store apps.

Advantages of downloading Play Store on your PC

Counting with Play Store on your PC will provide you with endless benefits, such as:

Increase the versatility of your computer

Even if it seems quite unnecessary, free installing Google Play Store on a PC could benefit us. This may be the perfect option if you don’t have a smartphone or you prefer working with a PC, or you just want to boost the functionality of your computer. This way, you can have access to all the digital store applications.

Use two different operating systems on your PC

As you have to use an Android emulator, an important advantage is that it allows you to have two different OSs on a single computer. By installing any of the emulators, you can perform the functions of an Android device with your computer without changing the original software.

Access to millions of applications

Although we mentioned it in the last point, this is the most important advantage you can get by downloading Play Store on the computer. Thanks to this store, you can access all your applications and download the programs you prefer; no matter if you use them in your free time, such as games, ebooks, songs and videos, or you need them for a more practical use, for example, an online banking or a translator.

Everything can be done from your computer. It’s that easy! Having the possibility of using free or paid applications on your computer allows you to expand the range of functions of the device.

Is it legal to free download Play Store on a PC?

Many of you may wonder about if it’s legal to install the Android application store on a computer. This is one of the most common questions among users, but do not worry, this procedure is legal and safe for you, your device and your data. So you have no legal reason to worry about installing Google Play Store for free for PC.

It is advisable, when using Play Store through emulators, to update Play Store just as if you do it on your smartphone. It will help not only to the security of the PC, but also to benefit from the updates that Android will bring out.


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