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If you need to free download Play Store on your Android, let me tell you that is not a big deal, it’s pretty easy to do it and we’re going to explain you how to do so. With a few little steps, you will have all the benefits offered by Google Play for Android.

It’s almost essential having this application installed on your phone since this is the official store of applications developed for Android phones, in which we can get free or paid applications to increase the functional potential of our mobile device.


Why to download Google Play on my Android?

By installing Play Store on your Android, you will have access to just about four million applications, which can be used to do almost everything. We can say that there is an application to meet every need; for almost whatever you can imagine there is an application available. Everything indicates that this rhythm of invention seems to have no end because, while you’re reading this post, there are thousands of developers working on updates or creating new Apps.


Although in most cases the devices come with this pre-installed tool by default, it is possible that the Chinese phones do not have it. It is also possible that for some reason this application has been uninstalled from your mobile. Whatever your case is, if you’re wondering how to download Play Store on Android, we’ll give you the answer in the following section.

How to download and install Play Store on Android?

Let’s begin with good news: you can download the app store for Android for free. Another important thing is to be sure, in case you have a new phone, that you have an Android operating system before downloading and installing it. Once you verified it, you have to do the following steps:

1. Enable your mobile security system to accept applications of unknown origin

All Android phones have a security mechanism to prevent unauthorized installation of applications that are not from the official Google or Android sites. Therefore, it is necessary to enable the “Unknown origins” option. How can it be done? Go to the “Settings” menu, then go to “Security” and activate the function.

2. Search for the website that downloads Play Store

Basically, we have two options: you can search “download Play Store for Android” or download Play Store for smartphone” on Google and get a wide list of results with pages that offer this service. However, this is not the safest way to do it, since you may download an outdated version or get a virus that could affect your device.

Therefore, we recommend using only those pages that can guarantee your security. There are many, however, we suggest opting for APK Mirror, a website that has earned the trust of many users to download the Play Store’s APK file.

3. Download APK Play Store file

Once you’re on the selected page, search for the APK file of the application and download it. If you use the website what we have recommended, you can easily find it thanks to its search bar.

4. Install the Play Store App

Then go to the download folder of your smartphone, choose the APK file you just downloaded and run it. The operating system will begin to install the application; this takes only a few seconds or a couple of minutes at most.

5. Activate the application with a Google account

Once we are done with the previous steps, go the applications panel and there you will find the Play Store. Open it and activate it using your Google account, for example, your Gmail account.

How to download applications from Play Store?

We can’t finish this post without explaining how to take advantage of the Play Store by downloading the multiple applications available. It won’t make sense having the world’s largest digital application store on your phone if you don’t know how to use it. That is why we prepare you a brief tutorial to download Android applications:

1. Search for the application you need

Access the Play Store App. If you already know the application you need, then use the searcher located at the top of the application. It is a very intuitive and interactive system that will display a series of options as you write on the App. This system is so attractive that, searching for an application, we end up downloading several of them, since it is very easy to see the options.

If you still do not have the name of the application you want, you can opt for reviewing different categories that Play Store offers and visualize all the options available to fulfill certain tasks. No matter if we search by name or category, the results are usually sorted smartly, showing, in the first place, those applications with the best rates according to the number of downloads and the users’ opinions.

2. Download

Once you’ve found the application you need, click on it and it will display a menu. If it is a free Android application you will see the Download option. If it is a paid Android application you will see the option to buy it or, in some cases, a Free Trial. Before selecting any of these options, it is convenient to read the comments left by people who have already used the application. This could help you decide if it is really effective or not.

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Before downloading, buying or opting for a Free Trial, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and make sure to have enough available space on the memory of your device.

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