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The new Harmony OS 2.0 is now official, check out Huawei’s new alternative

In mid-2020, Huawei launched the proposal for the new system at HDC 2020, Harmony OS 2.0. It is a viable option to implement on any phone or mobile device. This new option turns out to be an operating system for devices, like a kind of Android system, but now it is called Harmony OS 2.0.  It can be implemented on any device.  This system is climbing up to the top of the highest point of technology.

The new alternative

As many of us know, the president of the United States sanctioned and created several regulations that partially separated Huawei from the operating systems of devices. It means that, no Huawei device could choose to receive and implement the Android system on its mobiles. Those sanctions and regulations caused some big drops in the purchases of these devices, since they were practically at the top.

Because of all mentioned above, “Huawei could not stay sitting still”.  So, it created its new operating system named Harmony OS 2.0, it seeks to position itself as the best and take away the throne from Android.

The industry stated that, it is very well known that smartphones are indispensable tools. Now, with this new system which Huawei implemented, it is not only intended that soon everybody have access to them, but also to all those intelligent devices such as: watches, cars, televisions, or even household appliances.

This system will be adaptable for any equipment; you only have to enter a series of codes corresponding to the apparatus which you want to implement it.  It will be fully adapted to whatever equipment you selected. This system has an incredible number of very useful functions, such as buy through Uber. With your device you will be able to know what time the order will arrive at your home, and you will also have the option of paying through the mechanisms it has.

How has Huawei implemented the functions?

We know that, for a system to function perfectly and in a logical manner, it must have a code language that collects the information and delivers it, depending on the functions and options that the user needs. In this case, the Harmony system will depend on the OpenArk code compiler. It has been implemented in Android devices for a year. This compiler collects codes from JavaScript, C ++, etc. They have been selected for being some of the best in operation of automated systems and, they are added to the smartphones that today on the market.

What is the release date?

The Harmony SO 2.0 system will be released by sections, as the year progresses. It is known that the first part, the Beta version for loT devices was launched on September 10. On the other hand, the other version, the most complete one, for more sophisticated devices will be released in April 2021. It should be noted that, by October 2021 it will already be available for computers which have more than 4 GB of RAM.

EMUI 11 is now official. Know all its news

Huawei has made its new EMUI 11 official. It has its new interface and soon it will be available for this year. The announcement was made a couple of days ago, in it was also mentioned that EMUI 11 would have new functions and that it would be implemented first in the devices in Spain. Something that has caused a lot of excitement in users is that, this new version will be based on Android 10 devices, and not 11. It suggests that, Huawei is already ready for HarmonyOS, something more anticipated for 2021.

Here we give you details of all the new functions that EMUI 11 brings for you.

MeeTime is available in more countries

Using the new EMUI 11 you will be able to make video calls using FaceTime or Google Duo and with it, you will have the function of entering third party applications. This function arrived a couple of months ago and, it is preparing itself to do its best. Some of those countries where it will be available are: Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, France and Poland.

Now you will find better tones and vibrations

Previously, users set a vibration rhythm which was synchronized with the ringtone; now with EMUI 11 you can set a vibration exactly the same as the ringtone.   It is basically like as if you could feel the vibrations of the tone. Of course, this feature will only be for calls, not for the system itself.

New features in the gallery

EMUI permits you to organize your images according to the information you have about them, either by grouping them by the location where they were taken or by people who appear there. All this is something similar to what Google Photos does. You can also hide certain images from the gallery to avoid exposing them.

Reduce the number of floating windows

Mobile devices allow you to use several applications simultaneously. Only by pressing certain button you will access any of them. Now on Huawei devices with EMUI 11 you can quickly access it just by pressing a floating button on the screen.

On the other hand, with EMUI 11 in folding devices, you will have the ability to accumulate two floating windows. It gives the impression that Huawei has planned to launch a new folding device, with which, you can have this function, followed by the Mate X device.

Some other features with the new EMUI 11

Huawei does not stop surprising us with the new functions that EMUI 11 brings to you. Some of these other functions are:

  • Increased privacy: New ePrivacyseal certificates have been added, with it, you can be sure that, you will have more privacy.
  • Animations: Now these new animation functions will be more typical of Huawei, these animations will be shown at the most frequently used points on the screen.
  • Hide notes: All mobile devices have an application to write notes, with the new Huawei notes application; you can hide the most confidential ones for you.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is renewed with some functions of Galaxy Watch 3

In the smart watch industry Samsung is one of the best sellers. Due to the fact that, Samsung is a well-known technology industry worldwide and that, the quality of the products it produces is very high. In the smart watches launched lately there is the Galaxy Watch 3, which has a quality and price ratio that is quite pleasant for users.

Regard to its different models, the Galaxy Watch 2, its previous version, is receiving a couple of new updates. It allow the user to be closer and closer to living the experience of the Galaxy Watch 3, since the previous one is positioning itself almost along with the most recent.

Android’s Vivaldi browser is updated with its new search bar

Browsers have become an indispensable mean of communication in everyday life. When you use browsers, you can access information that is available on internet search platforms. In this case, the new Vivaldi update, 3.3 permit you to obtain new functions, which will be very useful to make your searches easier and easier.

Vivaldi is updated by itself

The new Vivaldi update, 3.3, you will bring functions like the content blocker, which allows you to limit certain websites, so that their access is limited or restricted. It provides more security and stability for you and others.

Another of these new functions is the customization of the search bar, which will serve as a kind of filters. They will allow you to prioritize the websites that are most similar to those of your preference, and those that you visit with more frequency.

This new version will give you the freedom to choose, whether you want the search bar to be at the top or bottom of the device screen.

It should be highlighted that, this version will be available first on devices in Spain.

The new foldable Motorola Razr 5G

Foldable smartphones have become a trend nowadays. They combine the retro and the up-to-date in one device. In this case, it is time for the Motorola Razr 5G, the first folding device of this company with 5G navigation capacities.  You can get one in Spain by the Orange, Yoigo and Movistar industries.

It will be available in autumn of this year at a price of 1500 euros.

We invite you to continue reading, so that you know all the specifications of this device.

Motorola Razr 5G Features

  • Internal screen:
    • 2142 x 876 resolution.
    • 2 inches.
    • AMOLED technology.
    • Ratio 21: 9.
  • External display:
    • 800 x 600 resolution.
    • 69 inches.
    • LCD technology.
    • Ratio 4: 3.
  • RAM memory: 8 GB.
  • Storage: 256 GB.
  • Battery: 2510 mAh. 15W fast charging capability.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 765G.
  • Weight: 205 g.
  • Android version:

These are some of the most outstanding features of the device.

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