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Created by independent developers, Bliss OS is an open source system which main objective is to offer an Android-based desktop tool. They are part of a Non-Profit Organization, where they create projects developed and maintained by themselves, the Bliss Family of ROMs.

Their mission is to provide the users an assortment of resources, by creating and fostering an all-inclusive learning environment for seasoned developers and newcomers. Their vision goes further than just offering a free OS.

Bliss Family’s dream is to help provide the tools and knowledge to inspire innovation by sharing and collaborating on projects with individuals of all ages, to motivate them and give them the support to explore their potential.

They are a U.S.A Federal Organization that aims to build and maintain various operating systems and software projects for the purposes of community growth and development.

What is the Bliss OS?

Simulating to be an Android OS in your own desktop device, Bliss OS is an Operating System which pretends to be a quality operating system that can run on any device in daily work, synchronizing your applications and settings if you link all your devices together with it.

Their most recent version is based on Android 9 Pie, including API Vulkan Graphics, supporting all aspects of the integrated GPUs of Intel and also made for AMD and NVIDIA.

It is still a work in progress and you might want to be aware that they are constantly working of fixing each minimal issue, receiving the user’s comments from their own customers’ support, which you can find on their Web Platform, where they describe the most common problems and solutions.

Their focus is to bring a quality Operating System to the Open Source Community, which could be run on all devices to improve your productivity. Bliss OS brings a large selection of customizable options form around the Android community such as the unique options developed by their team.

It is said that this is an innovating system due to their used of patching system to build for x86 devices, updating and maintaining far simpler than before. This OS has been built based on having a UNIX core, its code is moldable to the point that it is able to be modified to work on different electronic devices, from phones to your desktop device.

You can use the Bliss OS as a native system on your PC, meaning that you can use it as it was the Windows software. Getting to communicate straight with it, experiencing an excellent performance from it.

Bliss OS Characteristics

Bliss OS is a system that aspires to be a multiplatform that offers maximum security and customizable options to make your experience more enjoyable and proactive, these are some of its characteristics.

  • Wide Compatibility; it works perfectly with PCs, MacBooks, Chromebooks with Intel or AMD and GPUs Nvidia processor. It supports both interfaces UEFI and BIOS/CSM.
  • Focus on Design; they include many options for customization and theming throughout the OS.
  • Customized Settings; They offer many custom options for big screens and small ones alike that allow you to setup your device for various different tasks.
  • Use and Installing; they are constantly working on updated versions for your PC or Mac.
  • Performance; they built the OS with a focus on speed and stability with tweaks to assist in the most demanding applications.
  • Battery-Friendly; Extra options are provided to help tune the battery consumption to the best levels.
  • Added Security; Additional security options and features are found throughout the OS. And AOSP security updates are merged regularly.
  • Privacy; They are constantly updating things with the latest security updates from Google for our currently developed version(s) of Bliss OS


With this interestingly useful OS there are some requirements for it to work properly on your electronic device, PC or Laptop. For installing Bliss OS, your computer needs to meet the following minimum suggested requirements.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • A 1.5 GHz processor
  • Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0.
  • 1GB of free space HDD.
  • At least 1GB RAM.

Where to get Bliss OS?

This awesome system is available for free on their own Web Platform. We recommend you to check out their specified blog where they are constantly updating their most recent versions and answers to the most asked questions.

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