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The 18 best Stickers apps for Google Play Store

WhatsApp has known how to keep its users trapped over the last few years.  In addition to being able to use voice notes, videos, text, emojis and others, it managed to cause a great impact with the arrival of Stickers. These stickers allow us to give a little more fun and give a distinctive touch to our communication.

Stickers in WhatsApp can be created from an app or can be downloaded to be used the way we want. Therefore, we can’t think of a better idea than to bring you a compilation of the 18 best sticker applications for WhatsApp, as well as some free applications that will allow you to create your own stickers. You can use the images from your gallery in a few seconds.  we invite you to take a look at all the material that we have gathered for you.


If it was not enough to have an app with stickers of memes for WhatsApp, now we have Figurinhas; it is a pack of 700 Stickers of memes. For this reason, it is another one of those inevitable alternatives for those people who love to use these references in their daily conversations. Download Figurinhas: mega pack of memes over 700 for free. Do it from Play Store for free.

Memes Stickers Pack

If you love memes and you do not want to miss the opportunity to use all their funny references in your WhatsApp conversations, this application offers you more than 100 free meme stickers. Download: Memes Stickers Pack from Play Store for free.

Emoticons Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

It is a generous compilation of stickers; they are similar to the typical emojis of our everyday use. This app offers a variety of content and they all have in common the particularity of being really fun. Download Emoticons Sticker Pack for WhatsApp from Play Store for free.

Cat stickers

This app has a collection of more than 200 cat meme stickers for WhatsApp, so you cannot miss it, if you love cats and you always want to generate funny situations in your chats. Download New WAStickerApps cat meme stickers from Play Store for free.

Meep WAStickers

Do you remember the particular Facebook Messenger Stickers? Well. Now you can use them in your WhatsApp conversations just by downloading Meep WAStickers. Give it a try and make your friends laugh. Download Meep WAStickers from Play Store for free.

Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends

It is a pack of stickers for children and Disney fans. It offers you a hundred stickers with Mickey and other iconic characters from the Disney universe Picture. Download Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends from Play Store for free.

TV Series Stickers for Whatsapp

In this pack you will find no less than 200 stickers that gather the most iconic characters on the big screen and the most popular series in history. Game of Thrones, American Dad, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot and others. Download TV Series Stickers for Whatsapp from Play Store for free.

Avengers Stickers

If you are a loyal fan and lover of Marvel’s Avengers, then this pack of more than 250 stickers cannot be missing from your WhatsApp selection. Enjoy having: Iron Man, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, Hulk and many other heroes in your repertory. Download Avengers Stickers from Play Store for free.

Counter Sticker WAStickerApps

Do you like to play Counter Strike? If so, don’t waste time and get this mega pack of stickers for your WhatsApp. It is full of content related with the mythical Counter Strike Global Offensive franchise. Download Counter Sticker WAStickerApps from Play Store for free.

Fortnite Stickers

The Battle Royale of the moment also has an excellent album of Stickers.  You can download and use it in your WhatsApp conversations. it can be done in a few seconds. Download WAStickerApps – Fortnite Stickers from Play Store for free.

Anime Stickers Pack

It is the ideal application for lovers of Japanese animation, Anime Stickers Pack.  It is a collection of hundreds of stickers with the characters of the best anime in history. Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and dozens of other animes. Download Anime Stickers Pack from Play Store for free.

Video Game Wastickerapps

In case you are a compulsive gambler and you know a large number of franchises and video games, this application is for you. it collects hundreds of fun stickers of the best video game installments released for PlayStation and Nintendo. Download video game wastickerapps from Play Store for free.

Birthday Stickers for Whatsapp

Send your happy birthday messages with the distinctive touch of this pack of stickers. They are all allusive to birthday parties. Download Birthday Stickers for Whatsapp from Play Store for free.

Stickers for WhatsApp – Nintendo Switch

Do you like Nintendo? Well, you will probably like it even more after downloading this pack of stickers with the best of Nintendo characters on your phone. Mario, Kirby, Link, Pikachu and many more are here. Download Stickers for WhatsApp – Nintendo Switch from Play Store for free.

Valentine Day Stickers

Valentine’s Day can be much more romantic if we have stickers to dedicate to that special someone. If you still don’t have stickers for WhatsApp alluding to this time of year, we recommend downloading Valentine Day Stickers WAStickerApps from the Play Store for free.

Stickers for WhatsApp – Halloween

If you want to have stickers to scare your contacts on the Halloween season, or you just want to have fun with some icons of modern horror; then this pack is exactly what you need. Download Stickers for WhatsApp – Halloween from Play Store for free.

Christmas Sticker for Whatsapp Sticker Pack

It could be the best Christmas of all. Celebrating Christmas would not be complete if we do not chat and send messages of good wishes to our friends and family via WhatsApp. Therefore, with this pack of Christmas stickers you can give more color to your Christmas. Download Christmas Sticker for Whatsapp Sticker Pack from Play Store for free.

New Year Stickers for WhatsApp

The New Year season has also been the subject of many stickers. If you want to have them on your cell phone, we recommend this ingenious pack with hundreds of stickers for WhatsApp. Download New Year Stickers for WhatsApp from Play Store for free.

How do I create my own stickers for WhatsApp?

If you want to know about apps to make your own stickers directly on your cell phone, you should know that there is something much easier than you imagine.  There are several alternatives to take any photo or images saved on your device, and then you can turn it into an ingenious sticker that you can use in your WhatsApp conversations. Here are some of these apps:


Sticker is another of those numerous editors to create stickers which you can get in the Play Store. We consider that it is a great alternative to the previous options, since it is quite light and it is compatible with Android phones of previous versions of 6.0. Explore iSticker from Play Store for free.

Stick studio

Another great alternative to create your own stickers in a few seconds is Stick Studio. It is an application that, like the previous one, has an interesting and simple editor to cut and customize images before converting them into stickers. You can move them directly to your WhatsApp.

Take a look at Stick Studio on your phone by downloading its app for free.

Stick Maker

Stick Maker is, as its name suggests, an application that will allow you to edit any photo from your phone and turn it into a Sticker for WhatsApp. Best of all, it has an editor that allows you to cut, add borders, place text on them and much more.

If you want to try this app, remember that Stick Maker is available for free in the Play Store.


You can adapt any photo into a sticker from your Android phone with StickerFactory. This comfortable and light app recognizes photos and images in different formats and allows you to take them to your WhatsApp sticker gallery. It will take just a few steps. Try downloading StickerFactory and have fun with it.


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