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Best photo collage maker apps available on Play Store

If you love posting all kind of photos on your social networks or you just want to create personalized collages with your best photos or those photos of a special occasion, you are probably interested in learning about applications to make collages. Luckily, Android users have a wide selection of quite useful and interesting apps to edit photos and create these types of portraits quickly.

Therefore, we invite you to continue reading as we will show you the best applications to make photo collage from your mobile phone. Here we will show you the most diverse apps, so if you are interested in editing your photos from different images, you will have the perfect app for your hands.


If you are addicted to the Instagram social network, then you probably know about Layout, it is an application of this social network that was launched to increase the range of possibilities we need when to create personalized photos in a short time and with an extremely attractive quality.

Layout stands out as one of the best apps to create collages due to, the fact that; it is very intuitive and easy to use. In this way, if you are interested in creating collages, you can choose up to 9 photos from your gallery and frame them all in a single frame, in addition to it, of course, you can play with the arrangement of each photograph and create something great.  Furthermore, beside of being able to save your creations on Instagram, Layout gives you the chance of sharing collages and photos already edited directly on Instagram.

Collage Maker Pro

Collage Maker Pro is a powerful free tool that you will find in the Android Play Store to create highly colorful and personalized collages from your own photos. Among its most important features is the possibility of creating “macro” templates view to check how we want our mosaics to look before and after adding our photos.

As it is to be expected, Collage Maker Pro also has other editing tools to supplement its user’s experience. Adding emojis, text and applying filters is possible through this interesting app.

Photos Editor Collage Maker 2020

Do you want an app as complete as the previous option? In that case, you will be interested in learning about Photos Editor Collage Maker. It is another of the most popular apps on the Play Store when it comes to editing photos. This tool puts at our disposal a vast number of photo editing and personalization tools. This app gives you the possibility of creating stunning collages with up to 20 images within a single frame.

In the same way, Photos Editor Collage Maker brings us other very useful resources, for example: frames, stickers and other personalized images alluding to all kinds of events such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings and much more.  If that were not enough, this app allows us to put texts on our photos while we edit them, it can be ideal for creating memes too.

PicsArt Photo Editor

It is impossible to leave PicsArt Photo Editor out of this collection, since it is another of those apps that has won the affection of millions of users due to all its useful features.  In addition to being able to create great collages and edit photographs, PicsArt gives us the possibility of creating and editing videos. It will become a very valuable app.

It must be mentioned that, in the photographic editing section, this tool provides numerous effects, filters and customization functions that have nothing to envy to other tools we have reviewed in this post. Finally, it should be noted the fact that, PicsArt offers templates to create photos that perfectly fit the proportions of Facebook, Painters, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube.

Photo Collage & Photo Editor

Undoubtedly, one of the most reputable apps among photo editing lovers is Photo Collage & Photo Editor. It is a free application that ”does not beat around the bush”. It allows you to create collages with up to 20 photos in one. In addition to it, it provides an extremely comfortable and easy-to-use interface, something that is perfectly complemented by its numerous templates, frameworks, and customization tools.

Furthermore, with this app we can not only create spectacular collages, but we also have a powerful tool to edit our photos. The only detail to take into account is the fact that, Photo Collage & Photo Editor is not compatible with all devices.  It needs a relatively modern device, so before downloading the app, you will have to confirm if your equipment is compatible with it.


It is time to talk about Gandr. It is an extremely powerful application that has no limits when choosing the number of photos we want to include in our collages. Thus, without any exaggeration, we can create authentic mosaics that exceed 100 photos without any problem.

Therefore, it should be noted that, Gandr is not exactly an app to edit photos, so it is not as complete as those apps mentioned here before. However, it does offer pre-established templates, a few frames to choose from, and the facility to create collages with appropriate dimensions to be used on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.


Unfold is another of these tools that has a wide reputation among lovers of social networks. The possibility of creating collages with this application is just the beginning of the long list of utilities it has to offer.  Unfold also offers the function of creating photos with all kinds of designs and templates, which, by the way, you can create yourself and save them to be used with other photographs.

Add and edit texts, add stickers, place frames, apply filters, make cuts and a list that continues to expand regarding all its functionalities. Perhaps, don’t you think that Unfold is one of the best apps to edit photos and create mosaics for your social networks?

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post could not miss this appointment, if we talk about applications to edit photos and create collages; we are facing another tool which has gain a good place among users of mobile devices. Adobe Spark Post not only allows us to decorate and edit photos to create collages, but it also offers us hundreds of templates to adapt our creations to social networks, websites and much more.

What we mentioned above is not all this tool offers you, and it is that, with Adobe Spark Post we can also create videos from the images in our gallery. If that were not enough, in addition to having its version of Android, it also has a browser version that can be accessed from a computer easily.

Photo Grid Maker

When we talk about ideal tools to create collages on an Android phone, we cannot forget Photo Grid Maker. It is an ideal app to create mosaics with up to 20 photos that you have already stored in your gallery. At the same time, this interesting tool offers frames and other customization tools to give a distinctive touch to any of your creations.

Another thing that is worth highlighting about Photo Grid Maker is the fact that,  it allows you to add text to your creations, play with the sizes of your photos, make cutouts, add emojis, apply filters and much more.  So, if you also want to make funny memes or photos, this app will be very useful for you.


Molvid is a top app in terms of photo editing within the Google Play Store. It is because different other apps that are only limited to one or two complete functions, Molvid is a very complete tool for editing and personalizing photos. When we mention this, we are very responsible, since we are talking about the possibility of adding text, applying filters, creating fully customizable collages, making cuts, adding emoticons, creating templates, and much, much more.

Another important innovation that Molvid offers you is the possibility of “retouching” your photos in order to polish your appearance in the best PhotoShop style. Do not waste more time and download it. This application is very simple to use and does not require much time to learn about it. You soon will be an expert in its use. Try it and you will not regret it!

Grid Post

Do you want to create collages that adapt perfectly to the frames of your social networks? Then Grid Post is just what you need. This is an application for Android that offers you the possibility of creating great collages from its 50 templates (in its free version), in addition, you can integrate short videos without any problem.

The pay version of Grid Post can be a very useful tool if you have a strong social media presence.  Its cost is just $ 2 per month. However, with the free app you will have no problem getting what you need.

Autodesk Pixlr

Are you looking for a professional app to your photo creations? Then Autodesk Pixlr is probably what you’re looking for. It is an app with an interface quite similar to PhotoShop, so you can get an idea of ​​the level of control and customization it offers you to carry out your edits and creation of collages.

You can play around with all the possibilities that Autodesk Pixlr offers and get millions of different combinations, so your photos will always be original. The options to add filters, edit frames, personalize photos and retouch images are taken to another level with this tool. Do you want to try it? We invite you to start by taking a look at its free version, which, it’s okay to say, it gives you everything you need to do many things.

Instasize Photo & Collage Editor

It is another of the great photo editing applications that has managed to earn a position among the best. It stands out for its large number of templates that help you create collages in a matter of minutes. In addition, we can include text, video and much more.

Personalization goes to a much further level with Instasize. We can also alter the contrast, saturation and other parameters of your photos separately or of the entire frame of your collages.  Despite the fact that, Instasize has a paid version, we consider that its free version is more than enough to get the most out of all its features.

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch offers more than 200 designs in which you can combine photos and videos to create your own collages. Like other great apps that we have reviewed in this post, it has special templates for social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, which make taking your collages to your accounts on these platforms not a problem.

The final touches in Pic Stich are as colorful as they are attractive. Thanks to its comfortable and easy-to-use interface, we are facing with a very effective tool. It is worth to value it when using it and the best of all is that it is free!

Pic Jointer Collage

Other of these apps that focus on offering a single function is Pic Jointer Collage, which is precisely a tool so you can make your own mosaics from photos stored on your cell phone. If Pic Jointer Collage is only good for this, it is because it can do it very well. It is because, in addition to offering you hundreds of combinations and functions to customize your collage, it also offers you a good number of templates that will help you save a lot of time and create large mosaics in a matter of few minutes.

Pic Jointer Collage not only plays with the proportions of the photos, but also gives you the option of placing a frame on each of the photos that you include in your mosaics. All this, not to mention that we can alter the angle of the photographs, place stickers and other small, but useful functions that will be quite useful.

Photo Collage Pro

Highlighted by its more than 100 available collage frames, Photo Collage Pro gives you the possibility to manipulate your creations. It gives them a precise effect, similar to what you could achieve with professional editing software.

It must be mentioned that Photo Collage Pro in its free version shows ads from time to time, something that can be irritating; however, it is still a good application that is worth giving a try when it comes to creating personalized photos.


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