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Best COVID-19 Apps for Google Play Store

Covid-19 is one of the most critical health emergencies that have been experienced worldwide. This pandemic has caused various repercussions in different areas that support society. For this reason, various apps have been created to provide information on the true risk that this represents. Even better, these apps also help prevent more infections, because they provide information on how to stay protected.

Most of the apps that will be reviewed have the function of delivering news related to covid-19. As well as asking a series of questions related to symptoms that you may have and giving a concrete result about the possibility of having contracted the virus. Other of these apps provides you a series of steps to follow if there is a risk near your environment. . Don’t waste time and download one of these apps so that you can be informed all the time, and thus avoid the risk of getting infected.

Covid-19! – Información actual sobre infección

Covid-19! – Información actual sobre infección, it is a free informational application launched for Android from the Play Store. As its name indicates, this app offers detailed information regarding to COVID-19 to keep you informed about infection and recovery statistics at global and regional level. In addition to this, Covid-19! – Current information on infection, it has a section of news and reports regarding the current situation and the fight against this disease.

Covid-19! – Información actual sobre infección, it has a practical manual that includes preventive steps, symptoms detection and other useful elements to inform and protect yourself from this disease. Due to all these virtues, we are facing one of the most complete applications regarding COVID-19. You can download this app for free and safely directly from the Play Store.


COVID Radar is a tool that collects general information on covid-19. You don’t need to have a lot of storage space on your phone to download it. If you have a stable internet connection you can download it in a matter of minutes.

This app has world information but it focuses on news and information about covid-19 for the Dutch community. So if you are a person who speaks Dutch, this application is the perfect one for you, otherwise there are better applications that can help you.

Download COVID Radar from the Play Store if you want to stay informed.

COVID-19 Sounds

COVID-19 Sounds is a peculiar application in comparison with the others existing. The interface of this application is extremely comfortable and easy to use. To download it you only need 2.6MB available on storage.

This app focuses on people who think they have covid-19 symptoms. You only need to record a short audio with the sound of your cough, and one with your voice, you also need to answer some questions that the survey generates and the system will tell you if you may be infected or if your symptoms are due to another condition.

If you want to download the app, you only need to access the Play Store.


Novid is an app in which you can verify the possibility of being infected, all this from an incognito search. The system of this application does not require a name, email, location or telephone number. It only needs a stable internet connection to work.

In case you present symptoms that resemble those of covid-19, download this app and take the test. In this way, NOVID is the best application to make your inquiries anonymously.

What are you waiting to download it? Enter the Play Store now!

Coalition App

Coalition App is a global app that is extremely easy to use, it provides information in case of virus symptoms. This app is created in order to provide useful information, as well as steps to follow in case there is an active case near you. You only need to give it access to your location and the system will give you the steps to follow in case any of these mentions are presented.

The application only needs to have access to internet and it will be ready to provide you with the information you request. It can be purchased for free from the Play Store, and it does not require much storage space to be downloaded to your phone.

Covid SafePass

If you are looking for an app to identify possible symptoms of covid-19, Covid SafePass is one of the best options. The application has a series of survey-type questions, which must be answered according to the symptoms you feel. You can also take the survey anonymously, and at the end of the test you will be given a credential with the results.

It is completely free and you can get it by entering the Play Store. Covid SafePass will generate you the most accurate results when it comes to covid-19.

Don’t waste time, enter the Play Store!

What is the best mobile phone application?

All the before mentioned applications fulfill the function of making the user aware of the problem of covid-19, as well as providing the steps to follow in case of being infected with this terrible disease.

If you are looking for an application that is simple and easy to use, but also obtains reliable results, COVID-19 Sounds is the best option, all this is because you only need a voice note and you will be able to know if you are infected or if these are symptoms of another disease. However, there is also NOVID, a very simple to use application that also generates more confidential results because, you can do research on your symptoms anonymously.

Which of the before mentioned applications generates the most news?

Covid-19! – Información actual sobre infección is an application that generates minute-by-minute news about the problems that are experienced worldwide. In addition to providing help in case of being infected, this option is the best if you want to be aware of all the world news. On the other hand, there is also COVID Radar; this other also provides global news, but mostly from other places.

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