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Android: Best Apps to create and edit videos

Through our electronic devices we are able to do uncountable things, from managing our social media to keep in touch with our beloved ones, even getting to run a business and play multiple games or follow our favorite series. One of the most special ones is that through its camera, we can capture different special moments of our daily lives to keep them with us through memories.

Sometimes we want to share our sweetest memories on a unique way, maybe through a collage or posting them as an album… But, what if we assimilate these memories with a particular song? And in our heads there is a whole idea of some sort of a short film which would make it so special and overwhelming.

Well, you can do it! There are plenty of options out there that offer you the opportunity to take your idea to the screen of your phone by following some simple steps and making use of the features you like the most.

Useful Apps to create videos full of emotion

VideoShow: Video Editor & Video Maker

This app offers many editing features, from stunning filters, the option to blur the background to emphasize the focus on a main thing. If you want to write something meaningful, or probably a name to whom it is dedicated or dates to keep a sequence through the video, there is a variety of text styles and fonts to create artistic titles, where you can choose the one you like the most.

There are hundreds of free music fully licensed and no quality loss. It is pretty simple to use and it makes the process so much easier and practical, you can create videos duration limits. You can find it for free on the Play Store, there is no watermarks or ads after upgrading your account to vip.

Video Editor – Video Maker

It is one of the most complete apps on this topic. Most of the options are there for free but you can also purchase more features by buying them. You can trim the video to use the fragments you actually want, combine them with images from your photo gallery and compress it without losing quality.

This app gives you the opportunity to catch people’s attention on social media on a more effective way, by taking advantage of the amount of songs the app offers you for free and with full license; you can give it a more personal touch with your own ones, besides of getting the chance to record your own voice for it to make it way more special.

You will be making something original and creative with this app, you can start using their filters, stickers, artistic subtitles and more by downloading it through the Play Store.


Assuring you that it is the best app for editing videos with music and images, with plenty of useful features. Among its more used options you can find the cropping video one, where you can trim it and put it together with another on, adding music and text, helping to make your video look neat with its transitions effects and variety of filters, you will be getting a professional result.

It is one of the most recommended apps to create videos for your social media, you will be able to share awesome results on video editing through YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. Create videos with blurred backgrounds to give it a more interesting look or add a voice-over to guide the story of it. You can even adjust the volume and different effects.

Also, when exporting the video, you can choose the quality level you would prefer, from 720p to Full HD 4k, completely for free. You can get it on the Play Store.


Another interesting option is this App which is a pretty simple to use Video Editor, allowing you to personalize your video as much as you can, it contains an amount of features and editing tools for free! You can also unlock even more through its premium version.

Use any of your already recorded videos and adjust the coloration with the app options, to correct and enhance it. Combine multiple layers of video, images, stickers, sound effects and text, you can even do some handwriting.

It has editing tools to splice, trim and crop your video, speed control for time lapse and slow motion effects; blending modes to create beautiful and unique effects. It also provides music, transitions and more, counting with weekly updates.

When subscribing to KineMaster premium, you will be able to remove the watermarks and ads, besides of unlocking professional tool presets.

Export your beloved creation on 4k 2160p video at 30FPS. Download it on the Play Store.


Among one of the favorites, this app presents the option to visualize your work while doing it and it’s ideal to save some time throughout the process. It gives the options to trim and split videos, adjust its speed and volume and add texts or stickers on videos and pictures.

Offering aesthetic adjustments on brightness, contrast and temperature of the video, where you could even create a personal filter. Add colorful borders, music tracks and sound effects to give it a more dynamic feeling.

You can find it for free on the Play Store, and it also has the option to upgrade your account to FilmoraGo Pro with an unlimited subscription to have access to all features. Watermark and LogoRoll will be removed automatically after upgrading.


If you want to create stunning videos like a professional, this app is the one you have been looking for. Whether you are planning on creating cinematic styled videos or you want to make a compilation of the videos you took on your latest adventure, reuniting your most memorable moments, this mobile editing app is perfect is perfect to get it done.

Between its large selection of powerful features and editing tools, this app counts with fixing options for shaky camera footage with a video stabilizer, a speed adjustment to produce fast-forward or slow motion videos and it even has the option to add a Green Screen effect to replace the background by using its Chroma-Key feature.

It possess an Intuitive interface, it is built with speed and utility in mind. It assures you that editing will be smoother, snappier and even funnier! Take advantage of the opportunity this app provides you to finally create those videos and short films you have always imagined.

You can access to unlimited updates, features and content packs with its Premium version, offering you flexible subscriptions options. You can get it on the Play Store for free.

Video Guru

As an all-in-one video editor with powerful video editing features, this app contains fully licensed music to make your video attractive and tons of filters to give it a stylish sense. Edit it with transitions and combine features to obtain a dynamic result.

Combine videos with pictures and make a memorable record, with voice-overs, sound effects, text and transition effects to enhance your videos. It is positioned as the best vlog maker and intro maker, due to the facilities it provides to create through a practical process. You can find it for free on the Play Store.

Film Maker Pro by cerdillac

This app is made for both professionals and amateurs. It contains the most useful video editing features, with detailed tutorials to edit videos with the best tips to take the most out of the options it offers.

Telling their users that everyone can be a pro director of great power by using Film Maker editing features, it provides well-designed intro templates with multiple themes, Green Screen and Chroma Key to replace background, Video compressor and Converter and among other amazing features with which you would take your most brilliant idea to the screen thanks to this app.

You can find it for free on the Play Store.

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