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Best apps for children according to Google Play Store: seal of quality

Recently, Google has released a seal of quality for the best children apps in the Play Store. It is a way to make parent’s life easier, since they’ll not need to worry about what their children are downloading and installing. Google Play Store divides the apps and games into different age categories, and it will give a seal of quality to those best apps and games.

Google created a tab five years ago, called “Family”, but it is about to disappear, since now it has created a new tab called “Kids”. Experts approve all the contents in this new tab, so parents do not have to worry about what this new tab has. Nowadays, it is only available in the United States, but it’s going to be available in many other countries in the future.

Google Play Store is contacting some academic experts and teachers in order to rate the children apps and games that parents can find in Google Play Store. Those apps and games, just in case they meet the requirements, will obtain the seal of quality “Teacher approved”.

What do Google’s experts take into account in order to give that seal of quality?

Academic experts and teachers will have to certificate the seal of quality taking into account some requirements. The apps and games for children in the store will obtain the seal of quality “Teacher approved” if they meet the following requirements:

  1. The app or game must be appropriate for a certain age range.
  2. It must contain a good experience quality.
  3. It must be an attractive app for children, depending on their age.

In addition, every app and game with this seal of quality will count with a brief text about why this app or game has received the seal of quality “Teacher approved”.

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